TH III Quiz – Basics

Welcome to part I – basics. Please involve your whole team in this exercise. Deadline – March 7th midnight

Each correct answer will add points for your team.

TH III Quiz – Basics

This quiz introduces participants to basic map/navigation concepts which will be essential to complete the treasure hunt. Submit the answers to the questions in the form below. Deadline – 7 March
Reference Map

1. Create a Google Map and identify peaks, valleys and ridges in the Southern part of Nagala enclosed in the above area. Share a link to your map.
2. How many distinct peaks above 700m altitude are present in the enclosed area above?
3. Which distance (in meters) corresponds to 1 minute and 20 seconds?
4. What’s the latitude, longitude and altitude of the peak indicated by “D”?
5. Describe the place located at a latitude North 13deg 29min 6sec and a longitude East 79deg 46min 1sec. TH III clues will include approximate latitude and longitude locations of following clues.
6. Which landmark is located approximate 3km away from the previous place in question (5) at a bearing of 64 degrees? Some clues in TH III will require you to use compass and bearing.

7. Create a Google Map and draw an optimal trail from point A at the Western base to point B at the Eastern Base which goes through the Nagala range. Share the link to your map
8. A GPS records your trail which consists of consecutive waypoints. Which 4 parameters are recorded for each waypoint? Tip: export any GPS log to a GPX file and open the file in any text editor to see.
9. What is georeferencing of a map and why do we need to do it in order to use the map?
10. Create a Google Map and indicate the drainage area for the stream which exists at point C. The drainage area is defined as the area in which rainfall gets collected into the given stream. A larger drainage area = more probability of running water in a given stream. Share the link to your map.
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