Post Trek Writeup: Namma Bangalore trek, 3rd March 2013

Post trek Write-up by Nikhilesh,
 Great ideas are very simple. That’s just an idea to go for a trek. Great things have small beginnings. CTC was found. Great people think alike. Today it’s a revolution. Kudos to Peter, U Killer! Today Chennai Trekkers Club is more than what it says and what it was.
With more and more people pooling around, and most of us on time surprisingly, that was a great sign, we started from Bangalore at 7.15 and reached Chickballapur at 8.40 with Dalvir, Vani and machhan Saravana leading us. After reaching Chickballapur, we were welcomed by  Ramjan and Tarannum with a warm smile, whom I call virtual mother and father of CTC’B (CTC Bangalore regiment :P). 
After having a light breakfast and packing lunch from there, we waited for around 45 min for the bus to our trekking place. And then started the intro session, where people were made to stand up on the bench by our Professor and it was when I stood up on the bench, bus had arrived and people started running away. After we got into the bus, the intro session continued again. It was around 45 min journey and we reached the place.
We started with our first step. Now people started discussing, “How many waterfalls are there? How much water is there? Can we dive? I got an extra pair of dress.” Not knowing the surprise, I was one among them. 
Inline image 1
After walking for a half a hour, we arrived to the first waterfalls. Don’t ask for water. This one is seasonal, so said the organizer. All of us gathered now, and thanks to Vani, because of her organizer purchased a CTC B’day cake from Chickballapur. A great idea and that was really good. Now, freshers cut the cake to mark the 5th birthday of CTC. Scream “Happy Birthday CTC”.
 Walking further for a half a hour, here is our first sight of water. We gathered again and posed this one.
Now we walked further for a twenty minutes and took a break. People who are tired took their time and people with more enthusiasm and energy went further to explore another dry stream by leaving their bags here. After a half an hour, all were back and we had our lunch there.
 After completing the lunch, we walked for 45 min more. Now reached a place where we waited for a 10 min for Ramjan and Karan went to check the trail. And that was there when I felt a bit lazy and took an extra 10 min for eating a chocolate and made a little late. For me being lazy for a moment, I paid a good price for it later. We fell behind (Dalvir and Saravana waited for me) and in a span of 5 min things went for a toss. I felt snakebitten after making a wrong turn. No trace of people or foot prints, that was pathetic. Thank God, we returned to the group very soon. Thank you Saravana and Dalvir for your patience. And in the mean while people there got a break and had a great photo session too. 
It was after this place, I felt the real challenge was.  That was really hot and people are running out of reserves. Now the trail tested the patience and stamina is challenging the spirit, and we all made it. Walking further up and down for a 45 min, we were short of kilometer for a temple and found this coconut farm. And this is what we did here. Just relax.
    Inline image 2         
Soon we started walking towards the temple, and reached there soon. Thank God, we had water there. Now taking a break again for a 15 min, we started walking towards the main road of the village. Soon we found a small shop near the village. What a taste was that? Your lemony Sprite! Thank you Karthik. We just loved it and your expression too!!! 
Inline image 4
Walking further for a half a hour, now we reached the main road and started walking further and further. Pond at the beginning of the village was excellent and the small Fort like structure was challenging the guts.
 Inline image 3
 I could not believe that I just made it to the other side and returned alive. Every step that we made on this small 1.5 feet width path over an elevation of 30 feet or so was just jaw breaking. With sun set, hills on the back ground and a lake before, that was a heaven for photographers.
Now that people got all the answers for their questions and discussion in the morning(waterfalls, diving, clothes etc), we just continues walking on the main road. Luck favors the brave. We found a cab going to Chickballapur and we just jumped into it.
What an experience it was? Excitement, Nervous, Restless and Oh My God! We been through every expression of these and a bigggg thanks to organizers again. And I made some new friends too.
Like the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine”, my greatest learning from this trek ,“A little more effort will save you a three kilometers and thirty minutes; Never be a lazy ass ”. Thank You again Saravana and Dalvir… 🙂
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