Post Ride Write up – MTBX-1 OFF-ROADING 23RD FEB


Everyone feels that at least once in their long life time where you live only once you gotta do something fun which you like. I got that many times but still resisted the urge to do it cause I was way too lazy. But seeing a mail from Peter saying that he is organizing a trip made me lose my laziness for god knows what reason. Life is never without disappointments and I was told that I couldn’t join the trip because it was already full. Hence Peter suggested me to join on another offroading trip.
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And this honestly changed my life. When Arun told me to join it I was full of doubts whether I could make it or not. But finally I decided you only live once so take a chance and do it(by the way I was in middle of exams that weekend).
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Decided on friday that I am riding I went on a shopping spree buying chocolates(my fav energy source). But the main problem I didn’t have an MTB and couldn’t rent one that weekend because I had some other work. When I turned up at Tidel Park the next morning at 4 Arun was shocked to see me on my “HERO”. So I told him no probs.. I’ll do it.
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Here started my first offroading. After cycling till omr we met another Arun and a newbie Vivek. Slowly riding along it chatting with them we reached Shollinagar junction where Bala met us. Here started my first leg. As we were riding along I slowed down while the others went ahead. Then Arun offered me to ride his bike while he took my hero. We were like that till we reached the beginning of the off road. He had a GT aggressor 2.0 and believe me it was one hell of an experience riding it. So far no punctures and we were happy.
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At the beginning of the second leg off roading Praneeth joined us. Here start our saga of punctures and repairs. During our time offroading from 9Am to 1Pm we had a total of 5 punctures but when you have 3 veteran cyclists on the roll no problem is unfaceable. With this we went along the village trails full of paddy fields, lakes, huts and a lot of scenic stuff.
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We had a lot of discussion on CTC activities and regarding bikes throughout our journey. Although I didn’t understand any piece of it in the beginning I could make out bits of thing throughout the day and by the end of day I learnt something.
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After lunch at 1 we started on our return journey back when we had 2 more punctures and my cramped leg. This time the other Arun lent me his bike to ride(btwin rockrider 5.0). Another awesome aggressive bike which needs to get used to but overall a nice journey. Throughout the return leg we had talks, stopped at many places to have drinks, ice creams and lot of stuff.
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When I reached my place at the end of journey and I looked back at the day this is what I recalled. 7 punctures, 1 cramped leg, tried out 2 bikes, one nice stretch of off roading, 90 kms of journey and ONE AWESOME JOURNEY. Just hope I get more rides like this in future and hopefully my own bike this summer(looking for a hybrid). This is my first journey and hopefully many more to come.


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