Treasure Hunt III – April 13-14

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Treasure Hunt III – April 13-14

We are excited to bring you the 3rd edition of CTC’s Treasure Hunt.

Continuing a 2 year tradition we are calling out again to the fittest trekkers and most experienced navigators out there to take up this grand outdoor challenge. Participating teams will have to search for hidden clues and decode mysterious riddles in order to create a treasure map which will lead them deep inside the mountains in search for the treasure and glory!

STEP 1 – Registration

Members interested to participate can apply either as a team lead or team member. Team leads should be experienced organizers with good map reading and navigation skills. Team members should have a good fitness level and have successfully completed at least a few moderate or difficult treks.

STEP 2 – Team Formation

Team leads will then recruit from the registered members and form teams (min 8, max 10 members). In case multiple leads are interested in the same member then the member decides which team to join. Final teams (names, symbols, members) will be announced in 3 weeks from now (Mid March). This will give team leads sufficient time to carefully shortlist (experience check, fitness test, team sync-up…) their team members.

STEP 3 – Treasure hunt

Teams will carry a topographic map and have figure out their own trails to find clues hidden inside the forest in the mountains. A series of connected clues will eventually lead to the treasure location. Each clue will be indicated through an approximate location (latitude, longitude) along with an encoded riddle to identify the exact position of the clue.

All members of a given team have to visit the location of every clue along their way to the final treasure point. The speed of the team will be determined by the slowest member. The team which reaches first (including all of its members) at the treasure point wins the hunt.

Name *Peter Van Geit

Phone *9600004509

I want to participate as *Team leads should have experience in organizing, map reading and navigation

  •  Team lead
  •  Team member

Count *How many moderate/difficult treks have you completed?

Experience *Which past treks, organizers did you trek with

Responsible behavior *Littering/polluting, smoking, consuming alcohol and anti- social behavior are strictly prohibited during the trek.

  •  I agree

Disclaimer *I understand that trekking involves inherent dangers including climbing over rocks, crossing deep water streams, possible wildlife encounters. CTC and its organizers are not responsible for any accidents or injuries during the trek. CTC and Organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property. All team members agree to take full responsibility on the above

  •  I agree

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Peter Van Geit
Dare to create your own path rather than follow existing trails

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