Post event Write up – LETS GROW OUR OWN OXYGEN Tree Planting Drive at SMK FOMRA

Tree Plantation Drive Write up from Siddharth.

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Tree Planting Drive at SMK FOMRA,KELAMBAKKAM
7 guys, burned fingers and 101 pits-this is how it all started:P

Following the decent response to the ‘Let’s Grow Our Own oxygen’ initiative of CTC, SMK FOMRA was the lucky venue this time. Or rather, we were lucky to have spotted such a huge campus with vast vacant space, abundant manure (:P) and a bit of shade for our resting and power naps!!!

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Unlike our previous spots, this was arranged with a very short notice period-owing to difficulties in communication, a formal CTC invite couldn’t be arranged for the first weekend-18th & 19th August 2012.But, keeping in mind the wonderful season ,and not wanting to waste a weekend, some of us reached the spot.

Though the task ahead was daunting, we didn’t want to give up. The sun was never a defaulter and the marsh and clay added to our woes. Probably boosted up by the magnanimity of the task which was ahead of us and of course-energized by the hostel mess food, we carried on.

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By the end of the day our hands were in the worst possible conditions-we were struggling to even have our meal-We were all worn out, clad in clay and soil all over, but we were satisfied-SMK FOMRA was ready to welcome 101 saplings!!!The next day, early morning, we gathered again at the college, dug out some more pits and left by noon.157 pits were ready.
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We had planned to plant the saplings by the next weekend, i.e. the 25th and 26th of August. Considering the fact that the soil condition was poor at some places, we decided to treat it with manure prior to planting. Sticking to our ‘No Chemicals’ rule, we chose to use the cow dung which was abundantly available at the college 🙂 .Early morning on 25th, around some 5-6 of us gathered and collected the cow dung-filled it up in the pits.

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The workers at the college were amazed on seeing us work so hard and they couldn’t believe that we were working for free. We experienced goose bumps when they sympathized so much for us and advised us to rest. Mr.Manoj (JADESH PHOTOGRAPHY) got a couple of fans there 😛  The college staff really had an opportunity of a lifetime – Where else would they  find MBAs(Arun Jadesh) & MCAs(Siva)  rolling on piled up cow dung with buggers like us 😛

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The college had also arranged for a Tata ace to pick up the saplings from the nursery-as most of us had left for the trekking 

bootcamp, it all boiled down to Siva, Sridhar and Arun . Hats off to you da machis-loading 470 saplings on to the vehicle and travelling late night on the roofless vehicle with that heavy rain all around was a super-human effort!!!And not to forget that crazy driver!!!I felt really bad on learning that only 3 of you were there for that-we should have tagged along 🙁

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Sunday, the 26th was a grand day -Around 40 of us had gathered so early in the morning at the college-with a sole purpose of saving our beloved Mother Earth. Everyone pollutes the environment. Some go on treks and enjoy nature. But the thought of giving back to nature and hence the society and contributing physical effort for the cause on a holiday is something rare-perhaps the love for nature nurtured by our treks guided us towards this 🙂 Cheers da guys-we rocked!!!
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Some people started digging pits, some collected manure and some started planting-and not to forget the unlimited serving of Pooris:D In total,280 saplings were planted all around the college-and some hundreds of seeds sown around the ground there-The rain on the previous night and the clouds were helpful!!! after a short meals break-some of them left and the rest of us started digging again-this time for fixing the tree guards-The risk prone areas have been covered and the other trees will be guarded soon 🙂
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Let’s hope for the best possible result-A minimum 80 % survival of the planted saplings and a decent growth from the seeds would be a huge bounty for us!!!!We need to focus more on spreading awareness-one disappointing fact is that  only a handful of students came u and queried us regarding our activities on those 4 days and even those few guys were not ready to participate. If the efforts of just 40 of us resulted in 280  saplings and hopefully 280 trees in the near future, imagine what would be the result if the entire potential of CTC and of course, the society is channeled and utilized properly????

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