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Tree Plantation Drive Write up from Arvindh
Tree Planting Drive at ROYAL Garden, Kattupakkam
Being an integral part of “Lets grow Our own Oxygen” after planting more than 800 saplings in various parts of Chennai this was our 11th event at Royal Gardens, Kattupakkam. The event was supposed to be on Sunday Sep 30. But for few of us to do the preparation work game started on Saturday morning 5.30 am. Siva, Ram, Vignesh and me boarded bus to Thiruvanmiur from Sholinganallur and from There we boarded another bus to Saidapet and halfway Bus driver changed the Board and we have get down nowhere and the game started there.After few many hurdles with MTC buses we reached Royal Gardens a bit late, By that time our one man army Bhagath have started digging pits along with Bhupalan and Kathick.

After digging few pits when we were preparing for breakfast, we saw a small puppy in one the pit we dug for planting sapling but her mother and siblings were not around. After searching around for a while we decided to keep the puppy in a safe place from the road we kept her in inside a small wall of a nearby house and went for breakfast.

After having break fast we visited Paventhar Nagar were we have planted 4 weeks earlier to monitor the situation and returned with a happy mind as all saplings have grown well over the time we were surer all this grow well as people are very sincere in protecting them.

After returning from Paventhar Nagar the task of digging became difficult as the area was a water logging one they have raised the ground level with gravels and concrete blocks but that couldn’t stop us either. We prepared much more pits in various streets of Royal Garden and when we reached the temple we saw a Neem tree well protected by a giant tree guard. The tree guard which have protected the tree for past three years have now turned out to killing machine now.The top edge of the guard have made a deep cut towards the center of the wood as when the tree sways in wind and its in a situation that it could break any time. A big lesson for us Tree guard not removed in right time will be dangerous. But we couldn’t leave that this way the Guard was big and tree have grown much making it difficult to remove the guard now. Hence we placed a stone over the edge of guard so that it wont cut the tree any further. 

It was Noon and started feeling hungry but Royal Garden kids were playing cricket and we decided to postpone lunch.And the game went quite well until one of us hit the ball and a Big Pungai tree caught the ball very well and the kids started starring at us for the ball. I had to climb over to get the ball and the kids were happy they got the ball back. 

Its Lunch break. After lunch Bhagath left and we continued to dig pits.The day went without any plumbing work.Evening when we where about to leave Bhagath called up asking the status of Puppy and finally we found her mother and made sure she is back with her family.

The day was over and its time for Me and Shiva to chance to Virugambakkkam to get Saplings from Mullaivanam. After making arrangements for saplings when I and Siva reached Shollinganallur its 10.30 and we have to prepare and confirm the list of volunteers for Sunday plantation after messaging out to all for event and transport details its Two’o clock early morning when we hit the bed after a hard day. But have to wake up 5 early morning so we could start plantation before sun strikes.

Though around 20 have reached the spot there was delay in getting 50 Saplings from Mullaivanam and 50 from Isha . Hence thought making use of the time to dig few more pits But the day was not a usual one one of us broke  a pipe and water was smashing from once side of the road to the other side over the lamp post. Then informed the association heads to do plumbing work :). 

The vice president of Kattupakkam planted the first sapling in the park and the happy moment started. End of the day we have Planted 75 saplings almost all protected with guards. A special thanks to Chaithanya ,Elanchezhiyan, Ganesh, Praveen and Nachiket who stayed till late evening 6.30 along with us in  making this a happy one. 

After few weeks now the saplings there are doing good now Residents are watering the plants . Bhagath confirmed the same. The feel it gives was great we have planted and our effort is there in oxygen you inhale. Do you want to put your own effort in process of manufacturing oxygen you inhale ?????

Join “Lets Grow Our Own Oxygen” in coming events. We can make Chennai a much more better place to live. 

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