Neville's Dawn To Dusk 2013 Kids Run by CTC – Post event report

Being part of Neville’s Dawn to Dusk 2013 event has been a wonderful experience . This biathlon event which saw dedicated marathoners and cyclists, some of whom clocked 6 hours on each activity, were led by Neville J. Bilimoria. 
It was a fund raising event for Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy Rehab Centre for God’s Own Children. Neville J. Bilimoria has been the main force behind this great event.
The Kids Run was organized by CTC as part of this fund-raising event . This Kids Run provided an opportunity for kids to become tuned to fitness and experience the taste of marathons. Parents showed solidarity with Neville and Bal Sanjeevani by coming in large numbers. Kids from 3 homes were invited and they participated enthusiastically in the Kids Run. The lush environs of IIT, where deer and blackbucks move freely, added to the fun factor for kids !
A team of us organizers and volunteers from CTC spent many days planning and arranging the necessary details needed for the Kids Run. Durai, Thilak, Rakesh, Bhavana, Saba and many other wonderful people spent time and energy to conduct this event smoothly. It was nice to work as a team with them. The CTC spirit was at the fore in making sure all the kids were safe, comfortable and happy on the dayof the Dawn to Dusk Kids Run. 
The number of enthusiastic kids runners has seen a tri-fold increase from the 55 kids in October 2012 (CTC Kids Run) to 180 kids in January 2013 (Dawn to Dusk Kids Run). This is indeed an encouraging progress in our mission to introduce kids to a healthier lifestyle !

This Dawn to Dusk event brought together many volunteer-based organizations like Chennai Trekking Club, Chennai Runners, Dream Runners, Tamilnadu Cycling Club to name a few. The co-operation and information sharing between these oraganizations was great and contributed to the success of event. IIT students participated in this event as both volunteers and participants and contributed to the success of this event.
A host of generous sponsors provided refreshments, medals and other necessities for the event.
It gives me great pleasure to be part of this team and I would like to thank all the kids, parents, volunteers, organizers, Neville, Bal Sanjeevani, IIT, sponsors for this wonderful event that served a noble cause of raising funds for God’s Own Children.
Below are the Registration details of the Kids Run . These are the final numbers after drop-outs.

Registration Details:
Dawn to Dusk website  – 38 kids;
CTC site – 19 kids
Kids from 3 Homes – 77 kids
On the spot registrations = 46 kids
Total = 180 kids
We were able to provide 150 certificates remaining 30 certificates will be provided soon.
Home Kids:
77 Kids from the following Homes participated in the Event.

Anbu Illam:
434, 1 Main Road, MMDA Colony, Mathur, Manali, Chennai 600 068
There are 28 boys at the home who are of without parents and
destitute kids
Nalmanam Children’s Home:
2nd street, South High Court Colony, Villavakam.
There are 28 boys, provided with food, accommodation, education and all basic amenities to these children and
the motto of the organization is to make these children into responsible
citizens of India
SIP Memorial Home
16, Nabigal Nayagam Street, Vetri Selvi Anbazhagan Nagar, Chennai – 600 082
The home is run for 35 orphan children who are affected by HIV and non HIV children who are born to HIV parents who had abandoned assuming that the child is affected by HIV.

Below are links to photographs, newspaper article and write-ups on the Kids Run and Dawn to Dusk. 
Article in The Hindu newspaper :
Neville’s Dawn to Dusk website :

Durai’s write-up in his blog :

Durai’s clicks :
Siddhharth Ramana’s photography :

Ganesh Kumar’s pictures :
Ravi Kiran Reddy’s photos :
Chennai Trekking Club :
A Thank You Note from Neville :

Dear Durai Murugan, Thilak, Bhavana, Punitha, Babu, Rakesh & Sabapathy and the entire team of volunteers of CTC,
Thank you so much from bottom of my heart for your kind efforts from CTC in managing the Kids Run. 
The focus for me was to run and cycle and raise funds for the God’s Own children affected by Cerebral Palsy and I have done my part and many more years to go to still do my best and give back to the society.   
To make the event happier and memorable decided to have the Kids Run included for the event. And I knew no better organisaration than your team Chennai Trekking Club will make this event so special for children.
Please do pass on this message to your team of volunteers and members of Chennai Trekking Club.
Hope to see you all sometime soon.
Warm regards…. Neville
Neville J Bilimoria


Please share your kid’s and your experience and feedback regarding the Kids Run with us at CTC !


Punitha Lakshmi
Chennai Trekking Club

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