CTC Trained 270 People in CTC Swimming Camps within 3 Months

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When compare all other activities Ladies are more interested in CTC Swimming Camps then Gents. 
Kids – 5%
Ladies- 39%
Gents- 56%
This is really impressive percentage then any other event in CTC.

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644 is total registrations for CTC Swimming Camp. 

Only 348 people joined in CTC Swimming Camp. This is 54% of total registrations.

In that 270 people only successfully completed the swimming camp. It means 42% of registrations and 78% of joiners only successfully completing the swimming camp.

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People are learning swimming with CTC Spirit:

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Small Write from Karthick Rajagopal about Swimming:
Swimming is an essential life skill and the benefits of swimming and learning how to swim , at any age, are plentiful. 
The most obvious are the health benefits that come with increases in stamina and fitness. Cardiovascular fitness is greatly enhanced from regular swimming. The need to be safe in the water and general water safety is a vital part of learning to swim, particularly in children and young adventurous adults.
Top of the list has to be safety. Open water areas such as dams, rock-pools and streams that we encounter in our treks are an attractive source of fun and quite often the dangers of water can be overlooked. Water is a silent killer. It entices us to risk.
The importance of children learning how to swim cannot be underestimated and respect for the water should be taught as early as possible. In fact, we make a child believe that she cannot swim and then teach swimming. For children leaning to swim is an extension of their instinct. As children grow and develop, their strength and therefore ability to move around in the water, with or without floatation aids, also increases. This in turn opens up a whole world of fun and enjoyment.
It is important to note, that learners should always be supervised around water, regardless of their swimming ability. The most competent of swimmers can get into trouble at any time and in any water environment. Nobody is drown-proof! And, the advantage of learning with a group is safety.
Learning to swim is good exercise and can be part of a healthy lifestyle, and eating the right food enhances a healthy lifestyle.
Another important reason to learn to swim is to burn calories in order to assist with weight loss. The benefits of swimming are numerous and people swim for various other reasons. To help with stress and health as well as cardiovascular fitness, right up to training and triathlons (CTC conducts triathlons from enticer, sprint, Olympic and ultras)
Most of us, swim for fun. With fun comes health and fitness in the form of exercise and activity and most of our treks give opportunity to swim in the most beautiful pools city dwellers may not have seen. We welcome you to make a life time investment at Rs 1500.

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