Post Trek Write Up- Emperors "Dead For Sure- Survival Mission /6" Extreme Difficult Trek in Palani

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Dead For Sure- Survival Mission /6 =203.5KM-New DFS and One Trek Record in CTC = 72 Falls/ Pools + Bee Attack + 2 water drowning rescue + 4 Snakes (One in Camp site) + Wild Animals Living Fresh Proof in most of the places+ One Deer + One Wild Pig +Always inside High Dense Forest + 12kg Bag Weight+3 Members Team + Slippery Greenish Boulders + Rain+ Complete Forest Coverage 

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“Dead for Sure/6” Team. Siva Prasath Busa(Left side), Premkumar (Center), Udaya Rajan (Right Side)

Udaya Rajan:

 He is the man behind pre trek preparation. Mentally very strong guy with positive attitude. From the Day-1 onwards he faced flat-foot problem and shoulder pain problem. But without giving any trouble he successfully completed the trek.

Previous Trekking Experience:
3 times Nagala East, 1 time Nagala west and Venkatagiri.
Siva Prasath Busa:
He is very nice and interesting guy. We call him as Busa or Banglore Trekker J J.  He is having very good fitness level and stamina. Very good hiker. But very new to boulders, slippery rocks, water falls and all.
Previous Trekking Experience:
DFS Fitness Test is the only trek he participated. From their direct jumped to Extreme difficult “Dead for Sure” Trek.

Excellent Post Trek Write up from Siva Prasath Busa:

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Day – 1
Trek started at 5.52am on saturday.
After we started progressing, prem found stagnant water pool which was clean for us to get in. It was hot in the morning and since we were very tired because of the lack of sleep, prem decided to get into the water. It was refreshing.
Once we started hitting the trail, I realised that the shoes I brought won’t get dried when I get into the water. Prem gave his trek chappals which I used most often for crossing the streams. This was one of the many things which prem helped me for completion of the trek.

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After certain point, prem decided that we will have breakfast there. Aval with mix was the breakfast. Finished breakfast and slept for a while with the use of sleeping mat.
Probably most eventful of the day happened in the 1st ferry point. This was the first beautiful gift the forest had for us. The water was really good. We had to ferry our luggages. Before that we all got into water, did swimming for a while. Uday and me knew basic swimming which helped us to enjoy for a while.
After sometime, prem ferried the luggages to the other end, whereas we swam to the other end.
Then we realised that we had to climb up to stay on the trek path. That’s when team work started.
Uday volunteered to kneel down, so that prem can climb up and help others. I climbed up using Uday’s support. we went up and uday swam again to a point from where we picked him up safely.
Since we were hungry, we decided we will have lunch there. We took the rusk and started having it with the cheese. Believe me, we had so much of cheese which we would have had for entire life. Since cheese has very high energy, we couldn’t avoid it.
Prem showed us the place where he fell down 5 to 6 times when he did the trek sometime back.
Then we quickly moved to the 2nd ferry point, this is where the real drama started. The gorge was 150 to 200 mts long and we had to ferry our luggages and swim to the other end.
Since prem saw me swimming in the 1st ferry point and  since he was okay in the first ferry point, he asked me to swim to the other end.
Once I started swimming, I realised that the water was against me and after a stretch, the fear crept in.I tried to find support on the left side of the gorge but couldn’t get hold of anything. That’s when I cried out for help calling prem. Prem quickly jumped in and did the 1st life saving attempt of the trek. My confidence went down after this incident. Then prem asked me to use the tube and cross to the other end. It was very easy with the tube though.
Then uday also realised that he will use the tube for swimming. We crossed to the other side and quickly moved towards the main gorge. But the route was dense and we couldn’t move quickly. I fell down in the stream twice. The confidence went lower for me again. We realised that it was getting darker and then we camped at first of the water points we found.
Dinner was soup as prem put 2 soup packets. All is well and safe on the 1st day except my mood was little bit down.
Day – 2
Straightaway I fell down into water, probably because of the weight.
We arrived at the campsite which was planned for day-1 and it is very close to the gorge.
After the rescue, we started using the tube.
After lot of swimming with the tube and crossing through the gorge which is the most beautiful I’ve done in my life, we reached 80m waterfalls. Although the entire swimroute was exhausting, the result was very fruitful. We reached the amazing waterfalls. I felt like the old guy in the movie “UP” who finally reaches the location with his house. I bet this one will become one of the famous tourist attractions if promoted by Indian Govt. But I’m happy if it’s not known to them at all. It’s better that way, it’s a kind of secret fantasy place which we can go to whenever needed.

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Prem felt really happy after reaching the waterfalls. Probably the best moment for him in this trip.
After enjoying there in the falls and taking photos, we returned back to the place where we left our backpacks and we had lunch there.
After the lunch, we quickly headed to the place where we need to make 90 degree climb.
Since prem is surefooted and had experience in climbing, he took the risk of climbing up without ropes. Within no time, he climbed up and reached the top point. I was given the job of tying the bags and pushing them up. Uday climbed up second to take the bags while prem climbed up to reach the safer place.
Finally uday throwed the rope for me to climb up. This was deadly climb up in the whole trek for me.
After everyone climbed up, two bad things happened. First uday lost his knife in the middle of the climb which prem climbed down and brought it back. Afterwhich, somehow prem’s 1 litre water bottle dropped down. We had to leave it there itself
as we had no time to pick it up.
I was assigned to find the trail up until prem went back and picked the knife. I went up till a stretch from where it was very tough toproceed. So I returned back to the same location where we kept our bags. Together we trekked up. The stretch was really dense
and it took very long time to reach up.
By the time we reached a view point from where we can view 80m falls, it was dark. We decided to camp there itself.  This is when we started adjusting with nature. The water we had was already used up and we only had stagnant water in that area.So we decided to heat the water and use it for cooking and drinking purposes.
We set up the campsite near the view point and prepared food there. It was soupy noodles for dinner. We were all thirsty and we couldn’t wait for one more round of heating the water in the pot. So we all agreed together on using the uday’s cloth which  can be used for filtering. So we just filtered the stagnant water and gulped it down the throat quickly.
Done with the day, started taking rest, since the temperature was hot on the day, the stones on which we had put our sleeping bags were really hot and it was sweating out there.
And we somehow slept finally.
Day – 3
We wanted to cover the stretch we lost on the day-2. We started quickly at around 7.30 am. Before starting from the campsite, we took photos of the view of the 80m waterfalls from the top point.
Our next closer target was top of double falls. The first 2 days were already eventful and hence the expections went up for the third day. All of us were energetic, so we pushed forward. Once we reached top of double falls, we got taste of the flowing water and it was fresh. Prem quickly took the lemons and the nannari juice for juice preparation. This was easily the best combination we had in the whole trek. It was thirst – quenching and we all became very fresh after that. Prem had plans to explore the entire area.

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So we quickly finished our breakfast – rusk with cheese and then went closer to the double falls and took photos.
After packing our bags, time came for hiding them. Uday and I carried our emergency bags which had lunch, water camera, chocolates , pet bottles and light just in case we had to camp somewhere down nearby base of the falls.
our first place was another splendid falls, this was also splendid with the cave feel of the pool and we swimmed there for a while and took photos.
We then quickly headed to the top of the 80 m falls – the one we were viewing on the previous night from the day-2 campsite.
We took photos and observed the natural wonder for a while. Ate some chocolates and then we quickly moved to the top of the first falls to reach the double falls.
Since we know that we are going to visit one of the beautiful waterfalls in the stretch, we had to put some effort before we reach the base of double falls. We had to swim twice and then we had lunch there before exploring waterfalls. prem was the first to reach waterfalls and we were trying to take photos of him, exactly at the same time, uday realised that the battery charge was totally gone in the waterproof camera.
After we spent time in the waterfalls, we came back to find a stretch from where we need to climb up. Luckily for us, we got some tree support with which we climbed up. since we had lightweight, it only took 30 mins to reach the bag location. So we took our bags and we had to quickly move towards our next campsite – another pool.
The daylight was getting dimmer and then we reached a pool location before the pleasant pool which we thought the better place to camp. Prem went up the pool to get an idea of the route.
But uday and I convinced prem to prepare the camp near this pool. It looked like a terrific location for camping. We prepared rice that way and the taste made us feel like it was heaven.
We left the remaining rice with some water in the vessel.This was the breakfast for which everyone quickly agreed.We had “naarthangaai” pickle  for the rice.
Since the stones were very hot in the last camp, prem quickly poured water on the rocks to make it less warmer. We slept facing the pool and the falls but before we could get into real good dreams, it started drizzling. The first rains in the trek and the first time the tarpaulin was put into use.
Anyways, I slept well after putting the tarpaulins.
Day – 4
By the time we woke up, the rain stopped. We had to quickly pack up for the day’s adventure. we finished the tasty “rice with pickle” combination.
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I put on the shoes for the short climb and then we headed towards the pleasant pool. This was again one of the pools which was very beatiful. Maybe, the name was given because of that only. Uday took bath there and since I was the photographer for that pool, I had to take photos from the other side. I reached little bit late. I admired the nature’s gift for sometime and then followed prem’s path to track the jeep trail which prem told will be reached in a while.
After his bath, uday caught us quickly. We all headed towards a dense portion of the forest again. This place was also very nice to click some photos and I took my camera for a photo session.
After some navigation and search, we reached a place which looked like a campsite and then prem asked us to take rest. He went in search of the jeep trail. We both (uday and I) were asked to prepare the lemon juice with nannari. Within a while, prem returned and we all quenched our thirst.
After the break, we found the jeep trail and we were in search of the 50m waterfalls. On our way, we stopped at a shadow area and ate chocolates.We were getting to know each of us more with discussions on our careers, passion and college days. It was more like a 1-day outing. The whole stretch was relaxing.
We put our bags somewhere on the trail and took our emergency bags.  With full of energy, We reached a view point on top of the peak and took photos there. 
After our photo session in the view point, we tried to understand the stretch to reach the 50m waterfalls. Prem realized that it might take too much time to reach the waterfalls. Since we weren’t sure of the water there, we dropped the plan and returned back on the same jeep trail.
We had our lunch near the bag point. Since we had less water as backup, we had to reach the stream quickly and it was becoming very hot out there. After a long jeep trail, we reached a stream where we went to pick up some water.
We opened tang there for a juice break. Our objective was to reach another jeep trail from which we can go towards 150m falls.
After the juice break, when we moved in the stream, prem asked me to be with all the bags. Prem and uday went inside the forest in search of the 2nd jeep trail of the day. They returned again and we moved inside a dense forest. Prem was leading the pack and I was moving in the middle.
This was when I spotted the snake and I ran shouting “snake, snake, snake”. The snake was brown in colour with black spots on the skin. Since uday was last, I asked him to move little bit aside but by the snake was not there. I guess prem and uday still don’t believe I saw a snake there.
After moving inside the dense forest for a while, we reached a spot from where it looked all confusing. It was totally dense and of what it looked like, we were close to a dry stream. We don’t want to spend too much time inside the dense forest because it might get dark by then. We climbed up quickly and finally found a trail.
Prem wanted us to move quickly from here onwards and he had plans to get closer to the 150m falls. But first, our destination was 10 m waterfalls. When we reached closer towards the 10m waterfalls, we put our bags behind the trees and then we were quickly there near 10 m waterfalls. This place was also very beautiful. Prem opened up aval to energize us and then we took some rest near waterfalls.
It was getting darker by then. We reached the bag point and then picked up the bags and quickly move along the trail. We reached a forest rest house location and we knew that the watch tower was very close to this point.
And in a while, we reached the watch tower. It was completely dark by then. The night was young, the moon was crescent, and the tower was comforting. So uday and I decided that we will camp in the tower itself.
Before we could camp there, prem told that we should search for the forest rest house. So we took our torches, we left our bags near the watch tower and we went in search of forest rest house. It was little bit scary. We couldn’t find anything on the trail. So we returned back to the watch tower for taking rest.
We spread the tarpaulin to make sure that insects and other harmful things won’t reach us. I had badam, cashew and dry grapes with me. I opened this for our dinner. Once we finished our dinner, we took some photos of the moon and us. Then we are off to sleep. Only thing that I was scared of is that the bear shouldn’t climb the steps and drag us out.
The night was calm and we gazed the stars for a while and then dazed.
Day – 5
We quickly packed our stuff and our first target was to find the forest rest house marked in the GPS. We found the ruins of the forest rest house. We took photos out there. We had huge expectations on the forest rest house, there were only ruins. so we were discussing that this was constructed during the British time. That they use to come to forest for 2 reasons – one for hunting and another reason was that they used this forest as the hide-out. We found one more forest rest house which based on the kind of rooms, we thought that it was used by the cooks and the servants who used to serve the guests during there adventure into the forest.
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In the same jeep trail, we found a stream where we brushed our teeths. We refreshed ourselves. You should appreciate the idea used in the stream area.
The jeep crossings path near the stream was covered with the steel cage so that the stones and the sand won’t be washed away by the water. The pool on one side was stagnant and on the other side, it was flowing. Uday marked this pool as “Anaconda pool”. If you have seen the movie “Stand by me”, you would appreciate the kind of trek we did. I was little bit scared and at the same time was enjoying the company, the place and the adventure.
We hid our bags near the stream. We took our bags and went in search of the 100 m waterfalls. The forest was very dense, the GPS had a marking that a black bear was seen in this area. We were extremely cautious with sticks in the hand. The entire stretch was tough and the bushes were thorny. We reached the top of 100 m waterfalls. It was breakfast time. We had aval with sugar. Then we took photos on top of 100m waterfalls.
Prem told that since we reached this place through a tough route, we have to go and see the base of the falls. The climbing down was deadly and we took time to reach the base of the falls. We felt good after we reached there. we took photos for a while and
then we reached the place from where we wanted to head back to the top of the falls. Again, the climb was extremely thorny. We reached back to the bag point and prem went into stream for taking bath. We all got into the stream and took bath. We had pasta for the lunch. We quickly started towards our next target – 150m falls.
Prem started pushing us as we were lagging behind our target by half a day. Uday was feeling little bit tired as he has a problem of flat-foot. He couldn’t walk on the straight road for long time whereas he could climb up and down easily. The entire stretch had very less water.
After a walk on the jeep trail for 1 hour, we found a jeep crossing near a stream. The water was okay to drink and we prepared tang and lemon juice during the break. After we moved, within 30 minutes, we found a campsite prepared by ctc-iians. Within 500 metres,
there was a watch tower which was broken. I was told by prem that they didn’t camp in the watch tower as it was broken.
Directly perpendicular to the water tower, there was a dry stream which reached sky coloured falls. We went and took photos in the sky coloured falls and quickly returned back.
We had to miss the 40m falls on the jeep trail as we didn’t have time to explore that location.
Our target was 150m falls that day. So we had to progress quickly and we were reaching 100 kms mark by that time. Prem was asking uday to remind him about the 100 kms, once we reach the 100 km mark, we could click a photo together. After that we were moving inside a dense forest. We reached closer to the top of the 150m falls.
We found a place where we could camp. We set up the camp very close to the top of the 150m falls. We took some rest and then we had a nice discussion over lot of things. One was the kind of places where prem wishes to trek in CTC yet. Trekking in Munnar, Kodaikanal & places near mangalore, cycling in wayanad, coast to coast cycling were some of the many things we discussed over the night.
We had dinner and went for the nap.
Day – 6
In the morning, we explored the top of the 150m falls, took some photos. On the way, we found amla fruit and took some of it for tasting it. We climbed up on the nearby peak and our immediate target was 40m falls. So we reached the top of the peak and we hid our bags at some location. We took our emergency bags and went in search of 40 m falls. We found a dry stream on the way and followed that dry stream. We kind of got an idea that the 40m falls would be dry.
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yes, the 40m falls was dry, but the air was very pleasant on top of the dry 40m falls. We took a break there and prem went down a little bit to check out the falls. We returned to the bag point and then we started a “deadly climb down” to the base of the 150m falls. It was very tough but somehow prem could climb down very easily. We reached to the bottom of the peak and it was getting very hot. And the water was not there till we reached close to the base of 150m falls. We had Ice tea near 150m falls. To reach the base of the 150m falls, we had to cross lot of boulders and we reached the base of the 150m falls finally.
The 150m falls was one of the amazing thing we saw on the whole trek. Whereas Uday wanted to take rest, prem and I swam to the basepoint of the falls and the water was very cold out there. Enjoy for a while, uday took snaps. We returned back and quickly moved to the bag point.
Prem replaced the batteries for the GPS. We headed back to the Jeep trail. The whole stretch was very nice and we were little bit tired by then. The trees were inviting us by giving us the required shadow. We found a temple at this place and we knew that there was an exit very closeby. But we had 3 more days to think of moving towards exit. We have to explore many beautiful things yet. So we move towards one more pool.
This pool, a nature’s gift – this was straight out of the movie “127 hours”. There were 3 villagers in that place and they were preparing some food. We enquired as to whether they have prepared some non-veg. But by then, they finished their food. So we prepared noodles and gave some food to the villagers. Then we explored the superb pool completely. We took photos out here, this was one of the amazing stuff of the entire trek. I definitely would want to explore this place again and spend maximum time here.
We returned back and climbed up in the nearby peak to reach the top of the superb pool. Photos again, the sunset started by then. We started quickly crossing the stream. But the stream was tough to cross and then we decided we would camp somewhere along the way. Although we decided with a cave-like area for camping, it was not flat and if it rains, it might become tough. So we returned to the “back of the lovely pool” and we set up the camp there.
We took bath in the nearby stream and it was refreshing. We suspected rain and it started quickly. so we put the tarpaulin and within no time, prem was out checking out the nearby area for some reason. But while checking out, he found a snake very close to the campsite.
Both uday and prem decided to sleep on a little bit higher location. They formed a “stick” obstacle to avoid the snakes to reach the sleeping bags. Then I realised I couldn’t continue inside the tarpaulin. I took my sleeping bag and moved to their sleeping location. We covered the sleeping bag entirely and went for the sleep.
Day – 7
By now, the body is in a very tired state. It’s all in the mind control. We know that we have 3 days in hand and lot of places to explore. Prem quickly prepared Ragi and packed it in the bottles and boxes we had. We want to increase our pace and cover the lost time and distance in the previous days.

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Along the stream, we found the skull of a deer, took some photos with it. Prem was guessing that the deer could have been hunted some 2 months back. After we covered some more stretch, we stopped for a break. We hid our bags somewhere nearby and took our emergency bags as usual. Prem wanted us to move fast and reach the next falls. I thought that the stretch will be a stream and continued wearing sandals. But the stretch had a tough climb with dense forest in between. I couldn’t move fast because of the sandals. On our way, we had to cross a path laden with lot of stones. This is when uday had some trouble with the back. He wanted some rest and after some back exercise, he was ready. Meanwhile, I slipped on the way as there was less grip in the sandals I used.
We finally reached a water source. It looked like the dead end to us. The waterfalls was about 30 mts. Uday and I took some rest. Prem went to explore more in the nearby falls. We took some photos there and everyone decided that we will try out the dry stream near the 30m falls. We walked for a long time on the dry stream and finally reached another stream which was cut by this dry stream.
Within no time, we reached the bag point and then there was a juice break. We prepared tang juice and had it over there. We moved fast from then on and reached a sky-coloured pool. This was the 1st ferry point for us. Here I took the tube and filled it with air. Prem asked uday to swim to a point and pick up the bags from me. This was the 2nd rescue attempt from prem. Uday started swimming with shoes and it made it tougher for him. After a while, he couldn’t continue swimming. Prem quickly swam across to rescue uday from any issues. After the rescue is done, we passed on the bags to the safe place.
And then there was one more ferry point which was crossed by me first to wait for collecting the bags from prem. After our swift progress along the stream, we stopped at a point to take a lunch break. Prem took aval and we had that with the mix(coriander, puliogare etc). By now, we were bored with the aval and stuff we brought. We were craving for some fresh food. On our way after the lunch break, we saw some rock splits in the mountains nearby which prem as “vittal mallya towers” in the UB city.
After crossing many beautiful pools, we reached a 50 m waterfalls. This was 2nd tough climb we did on that day. We reached a scenic rock flat surface where uday and I took some rest. Prem went up to check the route for the next destination – which he named as “princess chamber”. We followed the stream and reached the princess chamber. This is when camera got wet and it stopped working. I was totally angry with the fact that this is the 2nd camera which got spoilt in the water. I was careless. Prem and uday asked me to forget about the camera issue and think about the next jeep trail connection. We had plans to find that jeep trail before our sleep that night.
Prem went up first in the neighbouring peak. By the time, we reached up, prem went in search of the route to reach the jeep trail. He also found a cave on top which almost looked like some animal’s den. It was already dark by then, prem returned back and we started finding the jeep trail. After a while, GPS didn’t help, the route was dense and we had less water in the bottles. I guess I reached the saturation point for the day. My body was not listening to me.
We found some directions and a small animal trail which we guessed will reach a water stream. We followed that trail and reached the stream.
We had dinner over there, guess it was pasta that night. The night was very calm and we could hear sound of drums in a neighbouring village. Although I was feeling like I wanted to find out if the village is closer. If we reach the village, will they give us a king’s welcome and provide all the non-vegetarian food which I needed badly. But I was also sure that this is just a fantasy. At the moment, the main objective is to find out the jeep trail and secure a spot for sleeping.
We trekked up in the same animal trail to check whether we could reach jeep trail. But after a while, we realised there’s no point going further. Prem
decided that we will camp in the top of the peak and found a place for camping.
We formed a rectangle shaped boundary and cleared up the bushes inside for avoiding any insect bites. My legs were not moving and I sat inside the camp
for doing activities assigned to me. While prem was still with the same energy he had on the 1st day. “Iron man” would be an apt name for him.
Although the environment was hostile, we went off to sleep quickly and this was the night I had the best sleep.
Day – 8
After the good sleep, when I woke up in the morning, my legs were in severe pain.I was not able to get up for a while. Uday’s lower lip got stung by some insect.
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I took some time before I could give some massage to my legs. With no early breakfast planned for that day, we quickly cleaned up our camp, thankfully nothing untoward happened till now.
We first went down to find a stream. We cleansed our teeth and started climbing up again with a firm objective that we will find the jeep trail before sunrise. And we did it withing 30 minutes of climb. That’s when prem lighted up a little bit. We came to know
that we are on course to cover all the places we planned.
Prem took some leftover chocolates from his bag and that was our breakfast. My legs haven’t yet recovered from the previous day’s work. We had to cover about 20 kms of Jeep trail. I was moving slower, uday was leading the team. Prem had the task cut
for him since he has to motivate me to move at a good pace. My bag weight has gone down but still I was not moving fast.
Once the sun started rising up, it was getting hotter. This made the ‘walk in the jeep trail’ even more tougher. Prem asked us whether we need some food. We didn’t answer thatbut our faces told ‘yes’. So we took a break and had some drinks. I started pushing myself but still, I was lagging behind the team. We reached an 100m waterfalls finally and prem took us to a view point from where we could see the waterfalls.
Prem told that peter couldn’t recollect the location of one of the photos of a waterfall and that this was the one he might have forgotten. We filled water from  the upstream to the waterfalls.
It was getting cloudy. Prem decided that we quickly finish our brunch and move ahead.
Exactly the same time, we got crowded by the bees and then we were running for cover. Prem and me could cover up quickly but uday got stung by the bee in one of the eyelid. It got swollen big time.We moved swiftly to avoid any more bee bites.
We had to discontinue the jeep trail and move into the dense forest to reach  first Falls. This was our next target. This stretch was kind of tough as it had bushes which is of 7 feet. I was asked to lead the group as I was the only one who was wearing full pants. After fighting with bushes for a while, we reached a dry stream but the rocks which were
there in the dry stream was very slippery.
Since it drizzled 30 minutes before, it made things even tougher. So, to complete this stretch of 2 kms, we took 3 hours. While uday and I were very careful with each and every step, Prem would take some rest and enjoy the surroundings, do the catch-up game to find us. He was enjoying that for a while.
Finally, we reached top of the first falls. This was one pretty view we feasted our eyes with. After a quick photo session, we climbed down and reached the base of the first falls. Prem force fed us the “aval” with mix combination. Guess, we were desperate to get some fresh food with some tasty curries.
We had set our eyes on final falls as our camping point. By this time, uday was struggling with his leg, as one of the nails came out and it was tough for him to move on. For once, I remember being a motivator to Uday and was also moving fast to cover the distance.
We had 4 kms to cover and 2 hours to sunset. On our way, prem asked us to take some rest near a pool point. This looked like any other camping point. We pondered whether we would want to camp here rather than final falls of the day. Prem, as expected, jumped into the pool. We both were taking photos and catching some breath.
When we started moving aside the pool, we saw snake skin and it looked like the one of big snake. Within a km, we reached final falls and it was just about sunset by then. As planned, we set up our camp in this beautiful falls and prem asked us to take out whatever food leftover in the bags. This is the last night we are going to spend in the DFS-6 trek. So we wanted to make a feast with the leftover food. First it was soup with pepper. But the pepper in the soup quickly gave us the trouble. Soon, everyone were up with the bottles and went in search of bushes.
Prem was little bit lineant towards us from then on and asked us take good rest. We started chatting about previous treks of Prem and Uday with CTC.
We slept very close to the final falls of the day and the soothing sound made us forget the pain.  We were off to sleep within a while.
Day – 9
It was a lazy morning for everyone. Since there was no sugar left in the food backup, we had to mix milk powder with coffee and have it plain. But the taste wasn’t that bad. We cleaned up the camp and took our bags for the excitements ahead in the last and final day.
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We quickly trekked up in the nearby peak and then moved to the top of evergreen falls. The pool on top was very nice and we all had good dip in the pool. After that, we climbed down to the bottom of the falls and started following the stream.
Our next target was to find a jeep trail to reach the ladder falls. On our way, we found a deer which came out of the woods and after seeing us, it ran in the opposite direction. Prem told us that we are in the elephant habitat. We were going right into their den. This was a scary stretch and I was holding a stick firmly in the hand as if I’m going to hit someone. We found the exact jeep through which we can reach the ladder falls.
Prem asked us to get down to the stream, atleast 2 kms before the top of the ladder falls. This was because there is a beautiful pool before the ladder falls. Last time they visited, there was not much water but this time, the water was flowing. It was indeed beautiful and we took snaps of the pool. It was really hot by then. I had to cuts in my toes – one in the left leg and other on the right. Two swellings in my legs, one on the right knee and other on the left. I was struggling to walk.
With Uday’s motivation and the excitement to see the ladder falls, I pushed forward. There we were, finally on the top of ladder falls. It was lunch time, the last item we had with us was ragi. While the ragi was getting ready to be eaten, we all got down into the pool on top to have proper bath. After the ragi lunch, we decided that going to the bottom of the ladder falls and exploring the place will take a lot of time.
If we hit the jeep trail by now, we will exit the forest by sunset. It took around 2 and a half hours to reach the village nearby. Prem congratulated us on completion of 200 kms. We were totally tired by then. But still, we had to cover 2 kms to reach a bus stand.
It was 9 days since we saw a house, a car, a transformer and people other than us. There were some drums in the village. How nice it would be if the villagers invite us and give us a feast on completion. Anyways, since this is going to happen, we decide that we would barge into a non-veg hotel and finish all the chickens they have. It’s party time!!
Learning in the trek for me:

1. Keep your baggage lightweight.
2. Setting up a camp and keeping yourself secure
3. Take all precautions 
4. Shoes – Should be lightweight, those which can get dried quickly after getting into water, should also have good grip on slippery slope.
5. If you can’t swim for a long distance (1 to 2 kms), never go for DFS. You should be an expert in swimming. You should be life-saver while swimming.If not, never register for a trek. Don’t under-estimate nature.
6. Teamwork – Without uday and prem, I would not have come out safely.

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