CTC's Enticer, Sprint and Olympic Triathlon, Sunday Oct 28th

Last Sunday before the break of dawn, 22 triathletes assembled near Velachery Aquatic Complex to warm up for three increasing challenges – the Enticer, Sprint and Olympic triathlon – an inter-discipline sports competition, even though our focus was more on completing then winning this time.

The average time taken for each level was 1 hour 45min for the enticer, 2 hours and 20min for the sprint and 4 hours and 10 minutes for the olympic. The latter category was a preparation for the half ironman next Sunday at Nagalapuram which would easily take 8-10 hours in ongoing preparation for our first prestigious full ironman sometime around mid 2013 to be completed in 24 hours.

After a short briefing at 6:25am sharp all triathletes started their swim –

Enticer – 300 meters (6 laps) completed in 16min average time.
Sprint – 750m or 15 laps completed in 39 minutes
Olympic – 1.5km or 30 laps completed on average in 49 minutes

Comparative average speed chart across the three sports disciplines –

Immediately after completing their swim the participants resumed with the next challenge being 20km cycling for the enticer and sprint and 40km cycling for the olympic. The cycle track went through Velachery towards Pallikarnai, OMR, Shollinganallur, Kelambakam, U-turn along the ECR till the Buckingham Canal, the starting location for the run. Average time taken for the cycle track –

Enticer/Sprint – 20km in 1 hour and 4 min at a speed of 16.5 km/h
Olympic – 40km in 2 hour and 7 min at 22.3 km/h

Due to the strong South wind blowing the initial average speed along OMR of 30km/h was pulled down to 18km/h while returning through ECR.

The final stage of each triathlon was to run along the Buckingham Canal. Statistics:

Enticer – 3km at an average of 26 minutes at a speed of 7km/h
Sprint – 5km at an average time of 40 minutes or 7.5km/h
Olympic – 10m covered in 1 hour 14 minutes at 8.3 km/h

Refreshments and snacks were provided by our volunteers at regular distances.


Winner of the Olympic triathlon was Madhurja who clocked an amazing time of just 3 hour 15min. Madhurja from Assam finished his 31st triathlon this Sunday.

Winner of our Sprint Triathlon was our very own Mannimaran putting down a respectable 1 hour 48 minutes.

Winner of the Enticer was our Alwin Koshy at 1 hour 25 minutes

Inspirational example was set by Anil Sharma who ran the Olympic along with his two kids doing the Enticer. His family also participated in our marathon a few weeks ago. His son was the youngest participant at 11 years.

We also welcomed our first female triathlete Dhivya who came third in the Enticer setting an example for all women out there.

Another tremendous source of inspiration came from Vishwanath who just learned swimming 1 month back and already completed his first Olympic triathlon including a 1.5km swim proving that limits only exist in our mind and determination and practice can reach results fast

And of course no competitive CTC event is possible without the help of a strong volunteering team providing the backbone for the entire event from registrations, checking swimming lapses, assisting with cycle punctures, keeping the participants hydrated and timing the individual sections.

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For a visual impression of the entire event visit these links – 





Below individual and overall timing and speed statistics for each triathlon –
Individual Timings
Individual speed
Overall timings
Overall speed
Individual timings
Individual speed
Overall timings
Overall speed
Individual timings
Individual speed
Overall timings
Overall speed

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