Post Trek Write up – Tour de Courtallam – Gowri Manohari

WRITEUP BY Gowri Manohari who joined us with her hubby 

Hello everyone, 
Here is my short write up about our trip. Kindly excuse me for any flaws. Awaiting your comments. 

Doing the write up for this gujalti trip making me very exciting and happy. B’cos all we did is bathing and eating / eating and bathing….Hmmm where to start ??? 

Me and my mama registered for this trip and we were awaiting the confirmation. Mean while we earned the envy of many of our friends for missing out them. 

Sorry for those… 

Then the pre-trip things happened then came the tour plan a day before the travel. Very excited to see so many waterfalls in the itinerary. 

We left office early to home and packed our things. We reached egmore 7.45 after hefty friday traffic. A short gang was awaiting for us near the platform no 9 to board the train.We had the head count checks and the train started at 8.05. From then the maja started. 

It was so easy to mingle with such group of friends like sasirekha,kahan, muthu, banu, binthu and many… which I met for the first time. 

The i-Phone of banu was a super entertainer. We took snaps of everyone and made scary faces. Those were of utter comedy that we cannot control our huge laugh. 

Then came the flying squad to check tickets. Bindhu hide herself behind her huge back back ( so biggg..) 

Vadi vel and Babu uncle came for rescue and finally we settled the fine and kept on playing till 12pm. 

Day 1:

Everyone woke up in the morning to  the sweet voice of mokka sambar ( surya)as early as 6.30am. We alighted at thenkasi and boarded the cab. We dropped our luggage and went for 5 falls. There was huge discrimination for gals in the falls.The water flow was very little in the ladies part and pretty good on guy part. Also there was huge crowd on the ladies side. Viduvaangala sasi rekha. She went inside the crowd and took a dip in the falls. This sparked the fire in us. We all went inside the ration long queue and took our dip. 

Inline image 6

Then the lady constable came and formed a huge queue. Thank god we bathed little early. After break fast we went to palaruvi in kerela. The discrimination still continued in another form. We never compromised. Went to office down and got permission to take a dip the huge pouring falls. It was so heavenly to take bath in such big flowing water. On the way to then mala we took superb photographs over the railway bridge & tunnel which came in many movies. 

Inline image 7

Over to thenmala. We visited the dam and reservoir and everyone jumped into the river in the evening. Now back to courtrallam village. Here comes the most interesting part. Guys when upstairs of the cottage with a can of oil. We heard different ( hsss….ahhh…hmmmm) sounds from the top. Ooops that was an oil massage session. They came and posed the camers for Mr. thenkasi tittle and the winner is …..? thereiyala pa.. neengala photo parthu sollunga… 
This went on till 10.30. we proceeded towards the main falls. The local people wondered where do these oil massaged kingkong’s from  ? I wondered how we are going to bath in this cold breeze. The excitement catched us once we reached the falls and dipped in the water with trembling teeths. We danced …played…danced ..played and kept on playing until the guys called us back to return. 
Inline image 8
All of us hogged dinner in local hotel and made the hotel eggs out of stock. Day close with a nice sleep 

Day 2:  

I woke at 5 am hearing some scratching  noise. I saw the guys getting ready to go somewhere else. I was very tired that I couldn’t even ask them. So I slept back with other gals. 

i woke up by 8. By then I came to know some of the gals went to main falls to take bath L.i missed my second chance.Then we refreshed and board the van. Then came the guys who went to senbagadevi falls at 5 am. We had a superr breakfast at sengottai and proceeded towards kumbavurutti falls. Again the discrimination for the gal that they should bath at the secong stage of the falss. While guys were alone permitted top. Here the securities were tight. So no chance of barbagaining to permit gals to top. We went a little down along the stream and there was a nice pool and we played there to our hearts content. Now the terrific lunch session. It was a small hotel. Not enough chairs. It turned  out as kaiyenthi bhavan. Hotel owner ku sema vasool. There was a omelette count down going on. Again this hotel went out of stock 😛 

Inline image 9

Then we stopped at manalaruvi. It was a very nice water fall. Many people took bath in the chill waters. While others were churning their photography skills with a couple of cute little children. That photo of muthu turned out a century like on facebook. Congrats muthu…keep rocking. 
Now comes the most funny part. We when to a hill top temple. The scenice view was amazing. We were posing on the walls like monkeys and the photographs did a wonderful job in capturing nice pictures. Those pictures made stomach burn on facebook. Here the ultimate picture of bala kicking kahan was taken by our great photographer muthu. Superb timing by the kickers and the photographer. Then we returned the cottage and packed everything and hurried to railway station. B’cos it was already 6.15 in courtrallam and then the train at thenkasi is at 7.05 pm. 

Inline image 10

The return journey time was super bonding time . 

Vote of thanks : 

Thanks for vadivel for maintaining pakka accounts. Hey I got some refund too from the expense. Inflation haven’t hit our trip 

All the wonderful photographers. ( personal thanks for taking a wonderful snap of me and my mama ( logen) 

Durai and team to arrange for transportation and accommodation. 

Bottom line : 
A much enjoyed funny trip with everlasting memories and wonderful friendships gained with everyone to last for a life time. 

Enna mama ready ya ?????? ( for another gujalti trip)

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