Post Trip – Riders series 2 (27th April) EPIC RIDE TO PUZHAL & REDHILLS

Yet another awesome ride around the puzhal dam with the team…
Riders series 2 (27th April) EPIC RIDE TO PUZHAL & REDHILLS

It’s really funny and ironic when life gives you something you don’t take it and when you don’t have it that’s what you want it the most… When in school days we travel in cycle at least most of us did… But we all wanted to ride a motorbike that time… Getting friend’s motorcycle for a 100 meter ride gave us that bliss… Times change… When you go through college and you start to work and get a motorcycle for yourself, what do you wanna do in the weekend?? – CYCLING!!!
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I was really excited about the rider’s series 2 after I had a plan to go for the rider’s series 1 and I left it out for no reason. My preparations for this one dint go that well tough borrowed a cycle from a friend just the previous night and did some self-servicing like *oiling the bike (yes I did it that’s why it screwed up), filling up air and making adjustments to suit me. Woke up on time unlike the days I used to go for the treks. Started pedaling the cycle from my house with my fully charged mobile playing music…
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It was 4.45 when I started from my place and I thought I’d go to Koyambedu and meet all the participants and get to know them better we start off. It was very long since I rode a cycle and I dint neither calculate any speed or timing nor checked my phone for time. I was riding the cycle really slow to warm up for the 50 km ride. I got to Koyambedu at 5.40, I found none. When I called, the whole group was in Anna nagar west depot (my original start point) I sprinted to Anna nagar west to see ppl just started to pick up the ride. I dint have a formal introduction I just started off with the trip.
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Our first pit stop was at Ambattur and the first leg of the trip was already over. The next leg saw a long stretch of cycling to Puzhal Lake along the scenic natural villages and a lil bit of off-road. I just wanted to drench in the water cos it was hot REALLY HOT but unfortunately that wasn’t the plan.
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Next we stopped in for the breakfast I had to sponsor for the breakfast as I was the last to join the group. Had hearty filling breakfast, sponsored by Divya (sponsor-key sponsor). After the breakfast we had completed 50% of the big lap.  On the way to the dam *my over hauling skills* more showed the over oiling sides and my chain started to come off every loop. The group had gone before and I was left out with a loose chain and tight friend (Hashim). We went to a nearby cycle repair shop and tightened the chain. We started the ride to catch up with the group. Went off the route a little bit and came back to the steep climb to the dam. There they were cooling off their body, all I saw was WATER!! wanted to go dive into but it was time to start again, so poured water all over me and tried to cool the body.
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We started again from the dam to the inner village en route to the highway. We stopped for refreshments as soon as we rode down from the dam into the village. I saw Thilak washing his face in a tap I just wanted to push him off and go lie down under the tap. after the refreshments we were all in the pace of testing our stamina , it was hot and we had to travel a lot the April Chennai sun got into the equation and our distance variable seemed like it had horns with exponents.
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We were all refreshed to start off again and the best cycle in the house got us down again: P. I felt flat tyre on my cycle. . Some were happy that they could use this time for resting, some were really frustrated as it was almost noon. . While trying to fill air with the high technology, best in class, top notch air pump on the flat tyre I broke the nipple of the tube and it was left in the pump. I took the ride to a nearby cycle shop and there was our unexpected long stop. It looked like it was gonna take a while as the cycle mechanic was busy with his other customer.
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The team left except for Thilak and me. The tyres were worn out and the puncture was severe. The guy fixed it more of his skills than the equipment. .we started pushing hard to get back home as the sun was at its peak. After a km or two it was time for thilak and I to take the separate de-tours. Cycling alone was really taking a toll with the sun laughing at you saying no one is with you. So my speed gradually lowered and I was starting lose faith in my stamina. Much to my rescue I spotted a bright yellow shirt and a blue cycling helmet on the other side of the road.
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It was HASHIM and Gautam (The Ambattur guys 😛 ) I was really happy to get company. We started pedalling and those 2 had no pain pedalling but was a diff situation for me I easily blamed it on my cycle. Lack of fluids showed its signs. . We paced our rest of the trip wisely and brought down our speed. We stopped in for quick lemon refreshment. I just wanted to get back home and have a cold shower.  I almost gave up several times thanks to hashim who kept me going keeping my spirits up in fact he came all the way with me till my end point and went back.
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It was an awesome cycling experience with a bunch of great people…
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