Post Trek Writeup – Ladies trek to Nagala West – 12th & 13th May, 2012 – Nivya Sivakumar

The trek turned out to be the most wonderful one since it felt good to make people to come out of the bubble of limitation and open out their soul to see the beauty of Mother Nature. We started on 12th May 2012 at 4.30 AM with 15 ladies, who gathered with high spirits to enjoy the trip in a like minded attitude.

Day 1

We were on the go and the van got punctured at Periyapalayam. So we got down and had a brief introduction session by the time the tyre was changed and we got into the van and headed to a nearby place where we had breakfast of Idli and Vada in a crop field. Thanks to Suresh for arranging the same for all of us.
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We reached Nagala by 11 AM. Vadivel and Sasirekha were leading the group, while Vinoth was in the middle, myself and Suresh were sweeping. It was a little late than usual but nobody is in charge of time and circumstances. So all of us got geared up and started to walk from the dam. The climate was very hot and that pulled our energy down, but we carried on crossing the first pool and directly landed in the second pool by 12.30 PM. It was a first experience for some in the group and they had enjoyed well.
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It was 2 PM by the time we left from 2nd pool, so we had our lunch of lemon rice and potato side dish and then started our way to the next target. We crossed the 3rd pool and trekked towards Mini kutralam. Crossing over the corner cliff was definitely a new experience for many. The best part was no one stopped to say that I can’t do this, everybody just kept moving with great confidence motivating themselves. The co-operation which we received from every participant was amazing. We landed up in mini kutralam by 3.30 PM and had a splashy time standing and enjoying the falls. We started from here to the 4th pool which turned out to be a slippery climb towards the top. Motivating the first timers was a very good challenge. It had rained a little during this climb, so the creepy little worm friends were out of their holes and on the path and the branches of the trees were full of them. So we decided to tie the rope here to move up. We reached the top by 5.30 PM and started trekking down to the 4th pool and by the time we were in 4thpool it was 6.45 and was getting darker.  So the torch was on and everybody moved a little fast and reached our camp site by 7.15 PM.
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We had no idea how the camp site was since it was dark. I found the fire place and started gathering things to light it. But finally Vadivel came with his lighting weapons J to get the fire on.  We cooked soup and noodles and retired to our sleeping state by 11 PM. Prior to that myself, Kousalya, Vinoth, Ritika, Prema, Viji, Vadivel and Suresh had a good time playing bluff.

Day 2

It was wonderful to wake up at the spark of dawn and the camp site was starting to take shape with the view of the falls and the stream rolling by the side of us. It is very nice to experience the silence and the sounds of nature so early in the morning. We made some tea which ended up so good to taste. For breakfast we had the remaining noodles and stuffed bread and headed on to start from the campsite by 8.30 AM. Being Mother’s day and some birthday babies in the group we had cut the cake and had some good time to celebrate and share it with everybody in the group. Malika, Sreeja and Prema (the mothers) had cut the cake together and Ritika, Kamala and Malika had cut the cake to celebrate their birthday. It turned out to be a memorable mother’s day and birthday for them being in such a place. So we had packed up and started from 5th pool by 8.30 AM. All the ladies were scared initially to trek back thinking of the time they had to get to this pool. But as they kept moving they realized that it was easier than before. So we reached to the 4th pool in 10 minutes and halted there for some time, while myself, Vadivel, Suresh, Ritika and Prema went into the pool. Here are some good shots in this pool. Then by 10.30 AM we started back to reach mini kutralam. The climb down was very tricky for the first timers. We had to tie the ropes for support. It turned out to be a herculean task to make them to move down with confidance. But finally they pushed themselves harder to pass through this phase of the trail and we reached mini kutralam by 12 Noon. Started to the 3rd pool and reached by 1.00 PM. I could not wait to get into water. So took a good dip and returned back for lunch. We had chapatti and tomato pickle chutney which was prepared by Sasirekha’s mother. It was amazing. We were there till 2.30 PM and moved to the second pool to find out that family trek participants were there and enjoying their time. So we decided to move to the 1st pool. Everybody got their last chance to be in water before we headed to complete the trek. Then only we realized that Kamala Shree has not got into water at all. So she also decided to come in. It was a new experience and she enjoyed the time in water. By 4 PM we had started to the dam from the 1st pool. We reached the dam by 5.30 PM and took some group photographs.
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The end of the trip brought back memories of the 2 days, the hard times, the campsite, the bluff game and a very interactive set of people who made this trip a wonderful experience for everyone. The participants did not have any clue that they would have such a trekking exeprience.

                Special thanks to Vadivel, Suresh and Vinoth for the wonderful support and made this trek happen. It would not have been possible without them. It has been a wonderful organizing experience for me and Sasirekha.

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