Post Trek Write Up 1 – Ladies trek to Nagala West

By Geetanjali

TOW the

We the
ladies of Logica had been to the first trek of our union a week ago. Everything
happened all of a sudden and it left us all excited. I love to call myself
adventurous but it took a trek to Nagala to actually “understand” the true
meaning of the word. With the exception of a water scooter ride in Goa I
haven’t experienced even remotely adventurous as this trek. I haven’t even met
any trekkers in real-life besides Malika and Sasi of course.  
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So, once
it was announced, I asked a few more buddies to join us so that we could stretch
our boundaries a little bit. And of course have fun. More than anything, we
loved the idea of spending time in away in a forest-like place. Of course, the
physical activity would do well for our body too. So along with 16 others each
of us started our expedition. We seriously didn’t know what was coming.
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thinking back, I loved each and every bit of the experience, even the sad-state
of my clothes and shoes. Ignorant as I am about what to expect in a trek (which
was full of boulders, crystal-clear waters, small fishes, eewy worms), I was
also stupid enough to rely on non-waterproof shoes and not-so-strongly-knit
outfit. Since there was no other go, I put on a brave face and proceeded to
carry myself as carefully as possible (And succeeded very little).
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I must
say here that the whole team (including the supporters and the organizers), were
very encouraging and understanding. They helped us whenever we needed them.
Also, this being the first attempts of many people doing anything more than
short hikes in the wilderness, we had to be instructed step by step during every
climb and descent.
Now that
we’ve finished our trek, I can say that the experience of the actual trek
itself, wasn’t very daunting. On hindsight, I think the reason is – I was too
much absorbed by the sorry state of my clothes, footwear and yes, of course, my
fitness. My only goal had been to complete the trek without major damage
(especially to my braces) whatsoever.

As we
trekked on (you see, we trekked day and night), we learned to concentrate on
only one step at a time. And ignore everything else.  

And we did
it, finally. We sure did!

than the trauma caused by the physical challenge itself, the spirit of
adventure and camaraderie among the team, kept us going. The whole experience was
a blast! Ask anyone. And this counts as absolutely, positively, one of the most
unforgettable events of our life.

Looking forward to more treks! Aren’t we
Nagala Knightriders?

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