Post Trek 3 – Emperors Silver Jubilee Trek – Best of Palani – Gayathri

When i was planning on my long due for a trek , my inbox read Best of Palani … on reading the prep mail the pics just lured me to signing in for the trek inspite of the fact of its difficulty level (till then i would rate myself a very moderate trekker – my fellow trekkers know it better 😉 ) 
To my surprise i got a call from the organizer that i have been shortlisted for the trek 😀 😀 (trust me , that calls in for lot of guts to take me in for
a difficult mission 😛 ) i reconfirmed to the best i could as to how strenuous it might be , and all the reply i got was to come for the trek with a 
positive attitude.. As obediently as it could be , i did as the organizer said :D..
When i first went to the pick up point near koyambedu , all i saw was a bench of strangers (who r going to be my fellow trekkers for 3 full days)
getting ready to board the bus.. we boarded the bus with a brief introduction with each other and headed off on our journey hoping for a 
thrilled weekend trek.
We landed on time friday morning getting all geared up for the trek with the food and other things being equally distributed amongst us.
The bus dropped us at the base and we trekked our way into the virgin forest of palani ….
The heat did bother me a lot (trying to drain all the possible energy i had :P) but barring that it was a fun filled yet strenuous trek filled with 
jaw dropping scenaries around. And yes i would fail in my post if i don mention as to how i struggled through the first day..
Ah well! blame it on my fitness , their was surprise wherever i turned around! reason? because i have never dared to do such acts in my past treks
(by past treks i mean my 2 yr long association with ctc) by acts i mean rope climbing , hoping across big boulders,across running streams and icing on the cake – 
to walk at high altitudes in edgy terrains. But bravo i did them all , nope! i beg to differ , my fellow trekkers made me do them….
i would always cling along with the sweeper (our prowdy bala) and few other trekkers (they were my sweety pies 😀 arun, murali na, jayanthu, kowshik, vignesh, prabhu brother and flower anna! thx guys) they extended all the best help they could.
First day was thus more like a tiring energetic expedition (something i would take some pride about geeeeeeeeee 😀 ) . Their was a big glee on my face wen i reached the 
first camp site on friday evening. And nevertheless to say a very nice campsite! We refreshed ourselves in the fresh water and got ready for our dinner. 
It was dinner time and our first in menu for preparation was the hot hot soup (not bad guys, came out pretty yum :P) followed by sunfeast noodles. Filled our crying tummies 
well and got set for the much awaited campfire. campfire was a fun filled session introducing ourselves , sharing of some gud gossips and memorables, some singing and then a peaceful breezy 
sleep for the night! 
Our great potograaper Mr.Balaji Mohan woke us aal up from our sleeping bag with his early morning foto session, young daddy! u ve great patience sir! and once again thanks for the clicks..
so the morning went with a fotoshoot ending up torturing balaji n kowshik to the best of possibility 😀 .. our dutiful senthil was busy calling out all to have their morning tea and breakfast.
i filled my bowl with kellogs cornflakes supplemented with some gud amount of sugar and milk powder with water.. that did make for a yummy breakfast :D, not to forget the rusk with cheese 
sandwhich (yup i made sure i compensate all my lost calories) :D…
Our day 2 trek headed off by a brisk walk along the streams to the roads of kodaikanal, more of a picturesque moment to walk through the villages 🙂 after a brief pitstop to snack near a potti kadai, 
we boarded the village truck or van or mini lorry (whatever it is :P) for a fun ride up the kodai hills to catch the bus to main kodai town. we had a full fledged meal at one of the restaurants der ( quite a luxury for
any ctcian 😉 ) and started with our day 2 trek into the kodai woods..
Aaaah yes, was away from all the heat to enjoy a breezy chilled trek in the woods, but bah! the leeches! so we had to take a constant watch on those little blood suckers! day 2 was comparitively
easier to day 1 but i had quite a distance to cover in a short span as we had to reach the camp site before dark more importantly because of its wildlife habitat (we had to walk in silence 😛 :P) 
As we trekked , it became colder and more cold. But on reaching the camp site, taking a view on the valley was THE MOMENT, one of the breathtaking moment experienced.  i jus said it to
myself “Oh God! this was worth all the efforts taken” i clicked as many pictures of the valley in my mind with my batting eye lids…. 
Quick came the time to grab for some dry woods to make the campfire (was quiet to fetch in the bitter chillness) , i decided to just get into a cozy corner in the tent to go off to sleep letting away my dinner
for the night (i heard some slurpy sounds from the guys who had the vathakozhambu rice for the night! grrrrrrrrrrr i missed it)  
the chillness woke me up by 4am on sunday morning that i rushed in to sit near the campfire (yet again getting woken up by balajis cam :D) . once the sun rose up , the soothing rays got us 
back on our shoes for another enthralling foto session near the falls. i call it the Group foto moment , guys came out with some crazy jumpy poses trying to prove how gutsy they can get 😛
not to forget the antics of laure and emma on their styles and experiments with poses for the pics… after a relaxed morning at the camp site we headed off for our day 3 trek. it was a slope climb into the pine forest,
like always i clinged on with the heroic sweeping team 😉 (the one with patience in abundance) my knees started to cry raring me to walk in the slowest pace possible that Mr.Balachander started playing fetch with me 
:-/ lol!! Gud strategy man to push a lazy bum like me 😛 for every 50 steps i would keep , he would reward me with a slice of orange 😉 😀 (we did cut a good deal at that)
and oops how can i forget abt my loyal trek shoes, my 3 yr long usage with those souls came to an end , my shoes breathed their last at a point when i was in real need of them , thats wen our nanba Prabhu
stepped in to stretch out his pair of Quecha shoes. Unlike me he was a gud non somberi trekker who could pull it off with ease with his sandals… 
just like bala, my gud frnd murali na had his ways of making me walk faster , simple he would just drag me along with him! lol…. 
am pretty sure the next time these guys see my name in the participants list wouldnt give a second thought to backout 😛 😀 (hope u guys dont :P)
so yup the climb went on n on with the rest of my trekkers fooling me that we were just few minutes away 😛 (it took us 2 hrs) 
on our way to the pine tree we found a mist clad peak , it was yet again “thanking the god” and the “jaw dropping” moment 🙂 One could see Gods real gift through them 🙂
with a couple of clicks their we again resumed on our endless climb. The Climb swayed way to the Plains and the Plains to the Slopes and the Slopes to the road wer i found
my fellow trekkers waiting for us. ha!! it was the “taking pride” moment.. ha!! “Made it through” moment.. 
wait! doesnt end here, our great organizer came out with a shocker to me while we headed to the town to have our lunch that Pushparaj (flower anna) went missing. So on finishing our lunch i along with my friend
was instructed to wait near the hotel to look out for him. Even on his safe return to the bus , these guys continued to pretend he is nt back yet…. damn !arun good acting i say *applauses*
Time came to explore around the kodai lake, couple of us hoped onto rented cycles and went around the market like scavengers playing Bakra with eachother (a game discovered by our gr8 arun)
as we cycle, each one of us had to stop at a shop to sponsor the lot something. i quite safely resorted for a box of homemade chocolates 😀 😉 … Prasanna sir (the most senior and most energetic) 
got us each cornetto ice cream , not to forget muralis contributing of getting us mineral water (whatte sponsor i say) and kowshik for his royal fall from cycle , had to treat us with quite a lot 😀 
we hogged and filled our tummies as much as we could and the foto clicks followed. 
after spending a fun filled ride around the lake , we had to head back to the bus to start on our ride back home.. our energy dint stop their , we had this funny guy to guy proposal to our beautiful
jayanthu, a game wer jayanth had to adjudge which guy proposed him the best 😀 the proudee winner was our ram mohan with his rhythmic love proposal …. and then the antaksharis and then some gud talk and ah yes
with our energies well tested we called it a day.
i thank the organizers and my fellow trekkers for such a memorable trek. hoping to see you guys soon in further treks!! 🙂 🙂 m/

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