Freshers' Trek to Nagala – May 19th & 20th Pst trek email II

Write up by Dinesh Mozhivanan.
My Intro:
Myself Dinesh.M, B.Tech IT graduate but working with irrelevant job to my studies 😀 Trekking is my dream and passion but I don’t have enough money to enjoy trekking by paying lots to the organizations, clubs, etc. Moreover am noob about trekking skills and things, everything I know is what I read through the internet. One day my trekking seed started to come out of the mud with tiny leaves, when I saw Chennai trekking club through facebook. That was the point I wondered “wow there are lots of options available for trekking even without spending lots of money”. Registered my self to the CTC. Mails started filling my inbox and I registered for the first moderate trek but I think it was bit late, so I didn’t get selected on that. Never stop trying 🙂 registered for other trek organised by Vinoth Durairaj. It was Moderate + freshers trek to Nagala west on 19th and 20th may 2012. After registering I was waiting for the shortlisted results for more than a week and was eager to see my name in the list :). The shortlisted mail arrived, opened it and to my surprise saw a name dinesh without any initials. Oops confused was that me! I was not able to make an call to the organizer since I was in office and decided to make an chat request. Omg! My chat request was accepted within 5 mins and Vinoth was online. Started asking him
ME:“Bro was that me in the shortlisted list, can u check it”
Vinoth: Gimee 2 mins ill check out
ME: Ok bro.
Vinoth: Yep its u, cheers 🙂
ME: omg Ty … cheers 🙂 yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
This is how my confirmation done and it was like more than 20 days in between the trek date. However eager and my love towards trekking pushed me to do shopping for all trek needs like shoes, tees, shorts, tracks, cap and since am moderate swimmer bought an tube too. Then, paid the advance amount and started waiting for the preparation mails but Vinoth errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙂 he dint send any Preparation mails until last three days of the trek. Anyways I contacted him often and disturbed him by asking questions and he was so patient in answering me, whenever I had a question. Finally the mails arrived to buy things( I felt like, ok the trek is starting up:) ) and I volunteered to buy few items. Finished all my shopping and came back home to update the excel sheet, where saw a mail for traveling schedule. smiled by seeing it and said my self (nijamaveh trekking poga porom :D) :). Previous day before trekking, I was assigned as the coordinator for koyambedu spot. I mailed every one to be in the spot before 4.30 am ( noticing time was 4.45 am). Made a call to Vinoth (organiser) for asking about my responsibilities and vinoth added buying first aid kit to me, I said ok and ended up the call. Next (car driver 1) and coordinator for madhya kailash ( Raj prabhu ) called me for confirming because I was scheduled to travel in the car no 1. I thought to sleep and planned to wake up at 2 am . I Slept as I thought and alarm rang up at 2 am I waked up and shut the alarm. Again thought to sleep for bit 30 minutes since it was too early to wake up :P. Sometimes, something inside us helps to wake us even without alarm, I wonder how it happens. Just like that waked automatically and searched for my phone to check out the time but my phone had a big shock “ it showed 4 am” :P. Remember I was the coordinator to koyambedu spot and I asked ppl to be in the spot at 4.30 am :D. Ran to take my bath and came back to take an list of ppl who assemble in koyambedu and car drivers list. Came out of my home at 4.30am 🙁 took an auto to “Nathan’s cafe”. Vinoth called while traveling and it was at 4.45 am :(, I replied am bit late, he said, areh you are the coordinator try to come fast. Finally reached the Nathan’s cafe at 4.50am. Thanks to the auto driver for taking me so fast within 20 mins from Mint to Koyambedu.
Day 1: Pickup Point
I saw bunch of people infront of Nathan’s cafe and each one was busy doing something. I was able to recognize Vinoth Durairaj, since already saw him in the photo before. Said hi, am Dinesh to him, he gave a look like you are too late and dint give me proper reply :D. He was bit anger and he tried not to show that, moreover he was busy. Asked him do I have anything to do here now, he replied everything is done u r late :O. I moved little bit started scanning people and their goods, “kanaku pillai” naresh came to me to collect rest money. Disclaimer forms were also distributed and everyone started filling it. I asked to the group, who is raj prabhu driver for the car no 1? Someone pointed a tall, handsome man. Went to him and had a introduction. By the meantime heard two people dropped out at last minute and we turned to 29 from 31. After checking out the headcounts and everything. Cab and car no 1 started towards Nagala. Where car no2 and 3 waited for the people who were late.
I was in the car no1 with Raj prabhu (owner of the Innova car no1, Dentist), Naresh (Kannaku pillai, CA student), Other Dinesh( Brush Mandayan, PHP developer), Rajat ( IIT Student), Yashwant Kodali ( IIT Student and my ……….. :P).
I always used to be talkative and I followed same in the car but only raj and naresh was good in conversations. Were the other dinesh planned to sleep and two IIT guys was bit silent. They opened their mouths at some points and again closed but I never closed it.
From Now onwards “I” is going to turn as “we” in most of the places 🙂
Day 1: Parking point
We reached the Nagala dam by following the cab continuously and within few minutes everyone arrived to the spot. We had a break fast (pongal) organized by Raghavendra anna :), thx for it anna.
Organizers shared the common items and other goods among the members. Some shouted there are extra packets of pongal available, do anyone want? None cared about the shout 😀 and was interested in packing their things. Raj prabhu saw my big bag and asked to reduce it by leaving somethings in the car. I wondered! why he is saying so? I had two sets of dresses inside 😛 and some food items, etc. I decided to respect the senior trekker since it was second trek for him and I reduced my bag weight by throwing bed sheet, 1 set of dress and knife in the car.
Moreover I dint have a sleeping mat because Vinoth Durairaj said to buy one from Shankar D while trekking since he had two. I searched for Shankar D and asked him about the mat, he gave me one with a wire to tie it up in by bag. I asked him how much, he smiled and said no money. 🙂 Again omg I never knew him before and he is offering some 100 bucks for free :D. Some thoughts ran in my mind saying “ I have woderful ppl around me “. Said thx to him and moved away to the other dinesh for asking help to tie the sleeping mat in by bag. He replied “ va macha I ll help you”, again I wondered am seeing for the first time and he is calling me macha :D. After all these process, we started moving towards the peak by carrying all our backpacks.
Day 1: Towards 2nd Pool
The first climb was about to climb a steep to reach the dam wall top, “ (athuke enaku melayum kilayum vanga arambichirichu :P). Then we continued walking till the first stream, Vinoth and Ajay was leading the group and Sankar Narayanan was sweeping. Reaching the first stream brought some smile in everyone’s face and ppl started dipping their face inside the stream. Some lied down in the stream. After 15 mins organizer and senior trekkers shouted the first pool is near to reach lets go and enjoy their. We started moving again by crossing stream lines, boulders, heavy rocks and trees. Reached first pool but organizer and senior trekkers again shouted, “ lets move to second pool” it would be better than 1st :P. we reached 2nd pool finally. Some waited few mins to make their body cool to jump and some started blowing their tubes. I was pretty confident I can make my self survive in a pool, so I passed my tube to other dinesh and slowly jumped into the pool.
Only here I noticed the lady trekker Vijee. Wow she was moving here and there in the pool (swimming so fast). Some thoughts went in my mind “ I Should not go near to her :P”. Some entered the pool with tubes and I was eager to reach the small water falls in pool 2 but my panic stopped me to reach there without a tube. So I borrowed a tube and tried to swim towards the falls 😛 , I cant move with tubes . Oops decided not to use the tube, informed Biju anna and Vinoth anna that am going to cross the in-between water since am not a swimmer :D. Made my self confident and started swimming, reached the falls in few seconds then thought myself “areh it is so easy, why so much built up for this :D”. Ppl started playing water polo game by forming two teams and goal ends, I never participated in it, rather I was enjoying the falls. 2 hours passed in the 2nd pool and we started packing our things again to reach 3rd pool.
Here my fashion walk started 😛
Day 1: 3rd Pool
The climbing towards third pool took nearly 30 minutes for me because it was my first time and we were little slow. Reached third pool at 1.30pm and started enjoying there. 3rd pool was awesome with sliding falls, diving spots and non swimmer area. Sankar Narayanan joyfully dived again and again by doing different types of flips, Vinoth anna, Biju anna and Vijee jumped few times. However I was again trying to cross the big depth water area 😛 and did it finally after informing Sankar Narayanan and Vinoth anna. “Areh it was again easy” Then I understood my prob was actually how to 
stand in a depth place without 
moving?. Biju anna and Sugan anna thought me some techniques, thx for that. We continued enjoying third pool for more than a hour then came out of the water to take our lunch ( Lemon rice organized by Raghavendra again). After few minutes of taking the lunch, we again jumped into the water and stayed till 3.30pm.
Day 1: Mini Kutralam
At 3.30pm, we started moving towards the Mini Kutralam and there started real climbing section. Many people shocked by seeing cliff hanger part 😛 but none stopped, everyone passed to the Mini kutralam as two teams. One was leading team, always reached the spot 30 mins before the sweeping team.
I was in sweeping team and while crossing to the 4th point Shankar D faced a cramp in his leg. We stopped but Ajay stayed with him and we started moving. Thx Ajay for staying with Shankar D for a while until he feels better to move up again. We reached mini kutralam at 4pm, some lied down to take rest and some enjoyed in falls. After a small rest camp, we pushed ourselves towards the biggest part of climbing(5th pool). I felt the climbing was going tough a bit and I took rest in-between . Everyone passed me and finally other dinesh came saying “macha ena” I said nothing lets go :P. He walked with bare foots and I felt tough even walking with my shoes.
Day 1: 4.5 Pool
We reached 4.5 pool at 4 to 5 pm and the water was damn cold, the sky turned little dark with thundering clouds and chill breeze started flowing. We enjoyed in pool 4.5 and only some got into the water because most of them were so tired and some thought water is so cold for them to get in. I entered and spent few mins in the pool. Again same Sankar Narayanan, Vijee, Vinoth and Biju anna started diving. Since the skies turned even more dark with thundering sounds, everyone started thinking it would rain, so we packed fast and rushed towards the 5th pool.
Day 1: Camp Site (5th Pool)
We finally reached our camp point (5th pool) rain started and continued for 20 minutes. However within that 20 mins, some managed to collect dry woods. Sankar Narayanan, Biju, Vinoth And Ajay started tying tarpaulins. Vinoth said we reached the camp point earlier than the other trekking groups 😀 (sounded good). Then, we tried hard to make fire even with the help of camphor and started collecting maggie packets and soup packets to cook. Sankar Narayanan the senior trekker was the Chef of our group and he made tasty soup atlast. To be frank I never tasted such tasty soup in my life time before. Soup continued with maggie. Since my plate was used to make and keep food items, Raghavendra anna shared his bowl to me. Thx for that. Tummy filled and many went for 2nd round, 3rd round, 4th round 😛 for soup and maggie. We finished everything and settled down at 8pm and many went to lie down ( Note: since it was chill I covered me with tees and shorts :P). Some and my self gathered to play ASSes card game. There started ultimate fun, I never understood the game and was playing blindly. Most of the time I made myself fooled in the game and became the ass hero Plenty of times. We went to sleep at 10.00pm or around that. I started searching for a place to sleep and I dint find any :P. Everyone was occupied with their place. So moved randomly and found a place near Biju anna becaue he was sleeping in a big boulder with his sleeping bag. I opened my sleeping mat and lied down but the boulder was not enough to cover my full body height. Moreover it was so chill since, the boulder was near the 5th pool. I tried sleeping their till 2am and woke up at the mid and came to sleep in the path way. Never cared about the ants, insects near me and some were trekking on my body :P. After 2am, body started to shiver in cold and to note “I left the bedsheet in the car to reduce the wait”. I adjusted till 5am.
Day 2: Camp Site ( 5th Pool)
People came to woke me for climbing the peak at 5 am. “I replied areh am not coming, I need to sleep”. Only 10 to 12 went for peak climbing. I took my socks and towel to cover my foot and slept till 7am nicely. Then some sounds started in my stomach and made me to wake up, some were still sleeping tightly. Few made fire to make tea, I finished all early morning works and went to enjoy in the 5th pool alone. I lied down under the 5th pool falls for more than 1 hour and had a nice pedicure from barbs. Thx to the fishes :P. People from the peak started returning at 9.30 to 9.45 am. I came out of the water to have chocos and again borrowed bowl for Raj prabhu anna. Thx for the bowl.
Day 2: Towards Mini Kutralam and 3rd pool
There ends the camp and we started moving down to the mini kutralam directly at 10.40am. Getting down was really slippery and tough than climbing up but we travelled fast down than the time we took to climb. After reaching minikutralam some stayed to take rest and some started to move directly to third pool. Thanks to Raj prabhu anna and Brush mandayan because they were with me while getting down. We enjoyed lot in mini kutralam, the water from kutralam was super tasty and energetic. So, we filled all our bottles. Mean while Biju anna was giving free massages to people and I took one. The massage was really awesome, all stress and heat from body disappeared. Thx to biju anna, he almost did 13 to 14 massages :D. ( am damn sure he would have went home and said ahhh en edupu :P). We started soon from mini kutralam after the massage session and reached third pool. People were already started enjoying there and we added with them. In-between Suresh Veerasamy joined with us at third pool and Few hours we played. Ram anna was doing ultimate comedy and fun, we all were enjoying that for a while then our tummies started itching for food, so we came up to have food. We had chapatis has our lunch with pickles and jam. Thanks to Yashwant, Rajat, Pankaj arora and Rohit because they were cooking the chapatis (full sweat) :). Finaly we came to know that two chapati packets are lost (engappa pochu!!!). Some stood without food, so again chocos, rusks, cakes and biscuits were shared to fill our tummies fully. It took hours for these things to happen and I dnt know where Sankar narayanan anna got hurt but I saw a big wound on his foot. First aid was done to him twice, hope he will get well soon.
Finally all our bags came empty and easier to carry. Only our wet clothes made our bags slight heavy but for me not even that because all I used was pair of inners :P.
Day 2: Intro Section and End

We moved from 3rd pool around 4pm and reached 2nd pool. We cleaned plastic garbages and bottles in the 2nd pool and then there we had an introduction section. Many wondered! why are we having intro section at the end? But it was really good idea. The intro mainly comprised with awesome experiences, fun and thanks. Then we took a group photo infront of 2nd pool. Financial settlements were done to the volunteers. From there we started to move towards the parking point but me, Vinoth, naresh and sugan anna missed the actual path and entered to the other long path. Me and naresh discussed lot with Vinoth Durairaj and he was sharing his experiences with us. We reached the parking point at 6.45pm financial settlements were done to the car owners.

Car owner 1 raj prabhu was urging to go home without dinner so myself and Rajat moved to the cab after saying bye to Raj prabhu anna. Instead of us, Sankar narayanan and Vijee filled our places in the car. The cab stopped for dinner. We had a nice dinner in Tiruvallur district in a local roadside hotel and again my tummy filled. Reached the koyambedu spot at 10 pm and from their I took auto to reach home with lots and lots of memories.
This trip thought me many things in my life and also gave many brothers and friends.
“ Love you all”
“Let me share the things I experienced and learned ”.
  1. Don,t carry to much to trekking especially clothes ( all I needed is 1 set of sport model inners
  2. Carrying some pickles, salt and violoni spray will help you lot .
  3. Sleeping bag would be better than the sleeping mat
  4. Whenever food is offered to you never say no in a trek
  5. Always try to be in first so you will have lots of time to enjoy and rest than the sweeper group
  6. Never stop anywhere by saying you cant because you can really do it
  7. Whenever you see some garbage in the trekking area just pick it up
  8. Be sharp in time, if you are given with some responsibilities
  9. Woodland shoes never gonna help you. So, have a weinbrenner and extra shoe or foot wear.
  10. Moreover learn swimming, otherwise you will miss lots of fun. 😀
Once again thanks to all for everything and offering me nice week end. I can never forget you ppl and the two days in my life since it was my first trekking. Now I had poured some amount of water to my small leaves that came out of the mud and waiting to see, how it grows in future. 🙂
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