Post Trek – Namma Bengaluru trek on April 15 ,2012 (Tumkur)

Discovery of Charana Betta

Resting the back on a sack full of Spinach, I could feel the spinach rejuvenating me like it did to Popeye!  Open sky with stars & clouds to give company we cherished the breeze that filled us with energy. This was our way back to Bangalore in a Truck loaded with spinach bundles and a bundle of 13 amazing characters.

Day started with waking up at 4 to start at 5 and reach the station at 6 AM.  We boarded the Shimoga Passenger. Journey went smooth , we reached Kyatsandra.
Trek started through the walk around the village surroundings and brick kilns.
We saw many hills around; one of them was our destination for the day. Fun started from the Breakfast time where the sambhar (dish) was the show stopper.

Game started with it. Started climbing the boulders reaching heights we could see the city beneath us.  Throughout the trek the trails weren’t defined we had to find our own way.

Damodaran having come here once for exploration lead the team.  Climbing is tough, reality strikes (to Sheetal and me)!  Climbing through the hot sun, across the dried grasses and exciting thorns (exciting because they evoked expression out of frowning faces) we reached the destination # 1 what we call the Bus stand Betta!


Over the top with aerial view of the habitation beneath we sat (nobody down there would in their wildest of dream imagine a gang sitting at that height watching them from above). Sitting in mouth of the boulder we were calmed down by the gushing wind.  Then to climb on the top (head of the so called mouth), wind vibrated the balance. Nonetheless the view was fragmented land where we could see how interestingly Man has divided among himself the larger into smaller and occupied it for varied use.

It was here that we found Charan (foot print) like shape on the boulder top and christened the place as Charana betta.

We climbed down from there to climb up again to another peak. Exhausted and under water crisis, we ate the cucumbers provided to us initially.  Slowly with all the humor and funny carrots, cucumbers and oranges one by one people started to go into sleep mode. The remarkable part was at that location we still had mobile network and we attended calls in between.

 The whole ambience of the place, fun and sleep recharged everyone. Laughter connects the quickest, is what I have learned. Climbing down many slipped, scratched ourselves, laughed out at each other, extended hand for support and crossed more thorns and dry vegetation.

Walking back we borrowed water from houses, filled bottles at a tank and cloudy orange sky  was beautiful marking the end of a wonderful trek to the wilderness.  At the bus stand, it seemed  no bus was willing to accept us as passenger. So, Girish shot this successful idea and we came all the way from Tumkur to Yeshwantpur in a truck loaded with spinach and amazing people!

Post Trek – write up by Jyothi

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