CTC Turns 4 : 21 treks – 498 participants

Here is a nice compilation email with group photos from our 4th birthday treks.

Kutti Pappa Story: There was once a time when the people in Chennai only knew beaches, pubs, discotheques and theme parks for recreation and entertainment. That was the time when they heard an orphan crying somewhere on the road side. Chennai was keen to adopt the child on 22nd of February 2008. The child, though he grew amid general crowd, was very different from many others and never liked to recreate the way others did. He started crying louder and louder for a change as he never ever wished to stay in the ci(shi)ty. Rather, he wanted to explore all the forests and lay his footstep on all possible peaks in South India. Finally he started rouring and then did people of chennai realize that it is transforming into a lion. 🙂 Then, it got christened as Chennai Trekking Club, as we sweetly call it CTC. With an ever growing members to its gang, CTC has never seen a week that goes off without a trek. Every week it roared at at least 2 exotic locations with big gang. After sometime, it is crowned as the king of all jungles and it added more like minded members to its gang and christened a common name for all its members, the CTC-ians, who are more than 14,000 in number now. Now, it is all the way more popular inside the jungle and also on the city!! TV, newspapers, magazines & Internet. CTC is now just 3 yrs old and it is about to be 4 years young soon…. and as a member of the clan, we should all tribe into all the forest and boycott ci(shi)ty on Feb18 & 19th to celebrate Kutty Pappa Birthday.
Written by
Pushparajan and Ravi Kiran

Trek to top of the Tada falls – 2 days, moderate+, Senthilkumar

Picnic pool @ Nagala East – 2 days, moderate, Sridhar

 Nagala west – 2 days, moderate, Ravy kiran,balachandhar

Fort @ Venkatagiri peak, 2 days, moderate, Masanamuthu

Dudhsagar Falls, 2 days, moderate, Ramjan

PX4 – Exploration, 3 days, difficult, Peter

Bandaje Arabi Falls, 2 days, moderate-, Arasu/Nagin

Kolli Hills, 2 days, moderate, Vipin/Arun

Wayanad, 2 days, moderate+, Vishal

Marathon Nagal_2_Tada, 24 hours, extreme, Prem

1 day trek around Bangalore, moderate, Ramjan

Mission PX/1 repeat, difficult – Raj Jacob

Trek and Ride with Tuskers, easy+, Saravanan

2-day trek to Kodaikanal, moderate, Bala/Jayathan

2-day Nagari Ex/1 repeat, moderate+, Guru/Pradeep

2-day Deep into the woods on the banks of Cauvery, moderate, Nithyan

Social trek with orphanage – 1 day, easy, Thilak

Yercaud/Kolli biking – 2 days, Arun Prabahar /Bharani

Triathlon safari – 3 days, Kaushik, Sujai

 Raiderz of the Water World – Agumbe trek and White water rafting – 3 days. A-Team

Javadhu biking – 2 days, Alex/Karthick

More Infos : http://www.chennaitrekkers.org/#!/2012/02/happy-4th-birthday-ctc-498-members-went.html

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