One Day Trek to Kumara Parvatha (from Kukke Side) 26th Jan 2012

Nine Great Souls Finished One Day Kumar Prvatha Trek (From Kukke Subramaniya side) in 10hrs!!!!
Nine crazy CTCians started from Bangalore towards Kukke Subramaniya on 25th Jan around 2200hrs with very little food of 
            4 Energy Bars (Chocolates) per head
            2 Oranges per head
            1 apple per head
            1 glucose packet per head
            2 Electrol per head
to conquer the Giant Kumar Parvatha of 1730m Height from MSL. Kukke situated in valley at 160m MSL so total climb is around 1600m with 14+km trail to top. (There is one more trail to reach top easily from Somwarpeth is just 6km with ~600m climb). Here is Map

After refreshment at Kukke we started walking around 0700hrs with simple trail 
with same energy and enthusiasm we reached to Butter Mane (Butt’s House) on 900m MSL with in 2hrs and laughing at at each other…. 😀
As it was just 0900hrs we continue to walk and reached to very photographic place with benches at view point and had big photo session for half an hour… 🙂
After some distance reached to Forest office and paid Rs 200per head and gotta information that just after 2km walk have last water point near Kullumantapa. This was the reason to shift the Birthday Trek (CTC Turns 4) from Kumarparvatha to Dhudhsagar. As now in the month of Jan only water flow is very small.  
Then trekkers are getting scattered on long trail because of hot sun, tiredness; everywhere dry/ burnt grass land with no sign of shadow…..
And finally we reached to top one by one. When I had seen the watch,  was thinking its not working as it was showing just 1200hrsit means just 5hrs we took from bottom to reach top of magnificent Kumar Parvatha.!!!! Hahahaha 😀
After resting for 30 minutes we started happily our back journey… and with lot many photographs, lunch at Butter Mane and spotting wild life of region ended trek around 1700hrs….. 
This entire trek was an successful attempt to complete Kumar Parvatha in a day from Kukke side with tough climb. This was a trek to show all, exactly what we are doing in CTC NAGALA Marathon of 24 hrs. We nine finished ~30km in a span of 10hrs happily, so one can imagine what Prem and team is going to do when walking for 24hrs with toughest team of CTC on occasion of CTC 4th B’day!!!!! 
More Visual Effects:

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