Emperors Mid Sea Dive @ Kovalam, 21.1.12

Excellent write up from Masanamuthu like Video:

This became big hit in CTC in the recent times and folks showed great enthusiasm about mid sea dive that made CTC emperor team to think to organize a trip. Bunch of shortlisted guys are out by the organizer – Prem with enough details about co-coordinating points and time. Everybody gathered at thiruvanmyuir [ My location ] but it was not easy to spot the CTCins  this time as our usual uniform shorts,T-shirts and sleeping mat missing on the location however we managed to identify each other . We every time plan to avoid delay but somehow it wouldn’t work sometimes. Meanwhile, chit-chat was started among the group who met in the past-trek and people re-counting their past trek fun & comedies. CTC new faces were bit hesitant to involve themselves with the group but they must have thought to join next trek for sure by seeing these people’s fun and round of comedies.  
Attendance was taken by Professor Senthil [ The guy who was looking like school boy ] and confirmed the head count.  Prem gave green signal to move vehicles towards ECR and asked guys to follow his car. Did anybody follow it? Most of the guys started flying in their bike and showed their talent by moving zig,zag on the roads.  Finally they disappeared from our eyes. We pushed little further and caught somebody. It is enjoyable ride in Prem car not just traveling on the road and also eating snacks.  I don’t know the snack names in English because this is something we usually buy from grandma shop in front of every school [ esp govt schools ] . Ellantha pala muttai, Ellantha pala podi , Kadala muttai and known snacks – Biscuits. Excuse me guys not to give you share on the snacks; we are very selfish when it comes to eating. Two devil girls [Madhumita,Shambahvai] who were flying on the road saw our special ,childhood snacks and asked for their share. We continued our journey by throwing few snacks packets to devils.   Sridhar was co-coordinating with the people who stayed at Crocodile Park and the fisher men to be ready at the location.  Regrouping of folks was done at bye pass road that proceed to Kovalam city. Once the whole group is ready and collecting money is done, we drove our vehicles to sea shore, parked it in a cemetery which looks safe and comfortable place. Another organizer Arun who was late and escaped from his official duties joined with us in the beach and he was rushing people to get the Life jackets and move quickly to the boat.  First boat was filled with bunch of people and pushed the boat with force into the sea for joy. Other few boats are also filled quickly but the last boat was delayed because still some guys were coming late. Arun was making them to go fast, good to see organizers paying more attention in utilizing time and made sure everybody who came in for the trip would have great time.  It came to know 2 or 3 life jackets were not available for late comers, organizers and Sridhar politely gave it to them as they are strong in swimming.


Once all the boat traveled into sea, bit of disappointment in some of our faces because fisher men didn’t come long distance, It was just about 3 kms from the sea shore and sea water was not so good. After quarreling with them for some time, they didn’t comply to move boat further inside where water was so clean and looking so beautiful with shining blue color.  They urged us that custom dept will create trouble if we go inside further.  We partially agreed but not satisfied that we wouldn’t reach the colorful area.  Somebody was still unhappy about fisher men’s statement. Prem told “Why should we waste time by quarreling with them? We live the present now, go and enjoy whatever we get so far” Simple words from Prem that sparked  most of the guys including me to enjoy the water first.  Diving,swimming and cracking jokes with blue sky and blue water was an awesome experience, we never put an end to stop the fun events in any of our treks or any of our trip. This is what happened here here as well. Mokka pottura session at water was in full pace, we laughed, laughed, nothing else.  This is what CTC stands for; bringing smile at every face. [ Hope everyone agrees it ] , We had great time by swimming along with waves, gentle touch by wind and nice to take salt water into your stomach without your permission [ salt goes into your mouth if you open it when wind flowing on our way ]  We set a small mission in the middle to reach blue colored place where fishermen didn’t allow us to take. So, How do you go ? Swimming. Yes, we did swim for nearly 1 km  [Trust me..It is true] with group of people who wanted to take the mission happily.  Swimming with friends by cracking jokes again was totally fun. [ Example:  Machan, Don’t go inside further otherwise Srilankan navy will arrest you, will be published in NDTV news ]  If you don’t laugh for this kind of jokes, that is our success because we named to deliver only mokka jokes [ Ahhah..ahha], Boni was the hero who completed the mission first. He is great, fast swimmer. Great to see Arun/Sridhar/Prem swim all the way without any stop and mainly without life jacket.  
Another guy Brijesh who didn’t touch life jacket was crossing every boat like shark in the sea.  Aravind who was named great photographer in the trip who took a boat and came near to us to take few snaps. What else we can do than shouting, shouting while taking snaps? He registered CTC spirit in his cameras and took his boat to other group of people for photo coverage.   It should be totally 1+ hour in the mid sea with lots of fun with CTC new faces and known faces.  It was time to take ‘U’ turn from the sea, Fishermen brought their boat our place and struggled lot to make all of us get into the boat because everybody was still busy in swimming.  We finally board into the boat and traveled for some distance and asked them to drop near 1 KM from the sea shore from where we would swim and come to sea shore , we didn’t want to spend more time at boat by just watching the sea, we wanted to always dip into the sea water. It was so funny to see most the guys jumped out from the boat and only empty boat was traveling to sea shore.  Here no swim,no push is required. Waves washed away from the place to sea shore very soon.  The fun time didn’t stop once we reached there; we continued it by taking photos and playing around sea shore and posing to Aravind camera.  We didn’t spend much time with Push’s under water camera, so this time threw it inside the water and clicked few awesome snaps. At last, we came out from the water considering it would become very late to reach city from kovalam. 
Round of hot tea sipped from unknown sponsor who pass by there and theft few juice packets from shambhavi bike, gave chilled water to throat. CTC trip never stop without clicking a group picture, yes. We gathered for group photo by fighting each other who will sit in the front and back. Karthik conveyed the group to participate Coastal cleanup organized by CTC.  Please don’t assume this movie is about to reach the climax, here is the fresh start.  Arun made a call to the group, whoever wants to take sea food with us, please take right to reach the stall otherwise you can take left that lead to main road.  Some people were right to make the decision to taste all type of sea foods so they took right on the road and accompanied us to taste sea foods by trying it from all shops. 1st,2nd ,3rd round, nobody can stop this sea food killers unless the shop is closed. We filled our stomach with fishes and left kovalam with sweet memories.  Here is the award goes ceremony to finish off my write-up. One of Karthik’s friend who was new to CTC was so happy with the people and fun happened on the trip and told that these guys are enjoying like college boys.  I’m happy to get such a nice complements and want to add here that we became school boys after joining CTC, Welcome to the new people if you want to go back to school days, come and join hands with CTC.  Here is the Thanks ceremony finally and then you can scold me for my bad-write up.  Thanks Organizer Arun,Prem who gave us great evening on the sea dive trip, Thanks to all the lovely and fun loving people who made us this trip memorable one and BIG thanks to Aravind who covered the trip with 440+ photos in just 2 hours and shared the link in 6 hours after the trip, Thanks to few more co-ordinators Sridhar,Senthil,Bharni and myself to make the trip going as per the schedule. [ Myself – Self appreciating or self advertising is always good for health.Ahha,,ahhhaaaaaa]

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