CTC's Trek Polamaa III 2012, March 10-11 @ Tirunvanmyur, Chennai

As part of its yearly anniversary CTC is organizing the third edition of the “Trek Polamaa III” symposium,  an awareness event on nature, wildlife,outdoors and people on March 10-11. Various eminent external guest speakers from different fields,  CTC organizers and members will give a talk/presentation on their passion and life experiences.

The event is open to anyone in or outside CTC. This year it will be a two day event on Saturday and Sunday from 9am morning till 7pm evening. The event will be held in Tirunvanmyur, Chennai. 18 guest speakers will give presentations on various topics below. In between, CTC members will insert 14 “fillers” on their own experiences and various aspects of CTC.

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1. Wildlife
Snakes – Showkath Jamal, Herpetologist
Animal welfare – Dawn Willians, General Manager Blue Cross India and ex-NSG
Turtle conservation, Arun/Akila from Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network
Fish species – Balaji, Indian Aquarium Hobbyist
Snakes – Anand Joseph, Herpetologist
Crocs – Colins, Director Madras Crocodile Bank Trust/Centre for Herpetology
2. Nature
Nilgiris biosphere and conservation – Jayaprakash, wildlife photographer and conservationist
60+ waterfalls in TN – Dharma Chandru, wildlife photographer
Melagiris conservation – Sanjeev, president Kenneth Anderson Nature Society
Forests in and around Chennai – Dr. Babu, chief panelist NIZHAL

How a photograph of a frog can save our planet? Amogh, wildlife photographer

3. Outdoors
YHAI – Venkatnarayanan, chairman of Youth Hostels Association of India
MapsGPSnavigation – Peter Van Geit, CTC founder
Photography basics – Karthick Rajagopal & Karthik Yadav, CTC organizers
Marathonsbarefoot running – Anand Anantharaman
Mountaineering and knots – Nagin and Sujai, CTC organizers
First Aid – Dr. Arun Kumar, laparoscopic / bariatric surgeon 
Ham Radio – Aravind, CTC organizer
Bike Trips (filler)
Safety, do’s and don’ts (filler)
4. People
Transforming people through trekking (filler)
Workshops and learning (filler)
Environmental awareness (filler)
Social initiatives – Thilak, CTC organizer (filler)
Volunteering in CTC (filler)
The organizers (filler)
Testimonials of CTC members –
   – Fresher, my first trek experience (filler)
   – Participant in coastal cleanup (filler)
   – My experience in CTC’s ladies trek (filler)
   – Social trek/visit experience (filler)
   – Completing a CTC difficult trek (filler)
   – How did I become an organizer? (filler)
   – Senior trekkers on difficult treks (filler)

Peter Van Geit
Dare to create your own path rather than follow existing trails

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