Social Outing TREAT home, Nov 20th

Around 30 volunteers took out 26 less privileged kids from the TREAT home last Sunday. It was a funfilled day for both children and our members. In the morning we took the kids to the snake park at Guindy where – after sharing breakfast together – we visited the park which  displays reptiles including many varieties of snakes and crocodiles. After that we visited a nearby large shady park with many birds species and where the kids could play on swings, etc. Both volunteers and kids had a great time climbing, running, playing together. Both visibly enjoyed each other company while escaping from the usual boundaries of their home.

Next we drove together in towards ECR where we shared lunch under a few shady palm trees to escape from the scorching mid day sun. On the way we stopped near a few shops to buy cheppels for many of the kids who did not even have foot wear. After filling our tummies we went for a shady walk in the large tree plantations along the ECR and could not resist jumping into the sea. The kids had an amazing time splashing in the water with our members keeping a watchful eye.

Next it was time for our planned visit to the crocodile bank. Nobal – one of our member who works as a volunteer in the bank – provided us with a guided tour explaning us lots of interesting facts about these reptiles. At 4pm it was feeding time for the crocodiles and we could see the otherwise lazy creatures in full action to grab their piece of the ration. We completed our visit by a demonstration by the local Irulas of snake venom extraction from venomous snakes.

Experience from Muthu, one of the volunteers –
Thank you everyone for making my day wonderful.
This is my first outing ever with CTC. But I never felt like being with strangers. At the first meeting itself everyone became good friends, irrespective of anything. All the arrangements like transport, food were perfect.
Thanks Peter and organizers for given me this great opportunity to be with fellow CTC members and the kids.
I was the first one to meet the kids at Koyambedu. While coming to Guindy in their van, they kept on asking like where are we going, what will be there, who and all will join us… etc. They were all singing, dancing, kidding each other.
All of them were amazing. Throughout the day I was surprised by their questions, observation, interpretation, intelligence, thirst for knowledge, energy and what not. They didn’t get tired at any moment. I noticed most of the kids were interested in taking photos using the cameras and mobiles from the volunteers. They learnt how to use the camera, focus and click, and experimented. Above all, they never forgot to check back the camera or mobile to see the pics they captured. Some of them took really good pictures.
They enjoyed throughout the day, had fun, and also learnt a lot. I have to mention that I also learnt a lot from the kids.
I am sure that it was more than a great and useful day for all of us and the kids. I really can’t wait for the next trip.
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