Nagala West to East, Nov 5-6

By Harish,
Nagala west to east
This trek was considered to be a moderate+ trek, was convincingly difficult because of the monsoon just before the trek.
It was good compact team of 14 energetic guys having lots of fun. Team was quite experienced except for me and another guy. Bala did great job of organizing this trek. 
This was my first trek………………….. With nearly everything in it (night trek, ferrying, mountaineering, helping injured team member, exploration and great reunion with exact matched timing)
MEMORIES &&&&&&&&&&
Day 1- morning
We reached nagala west after 2 to 3 hours of van journey and a tea break.
When we reached western entry it was already 7 o clock and we were already out of planed schedule.
it was the easiest of all the sections of the trip…. with little stream crossing and good track all way through until we reached 3rd pool in morning. With monsoon last week the steam and pools where full.
After a break of 45 minutes we started to move on to the nest pool… the terrain was getting interesting and harder.
Stream flowing full, rocks slippery due to recent rains and we where racing against time to reach planed lunch place in time.
We had some uphill and some down hill climb which where slippery due to the rains. 
Bala who had the GPS was helping the slower members of the team, other members reached further up stream straying away from the expected camp site. Few vertical climbs along the small falls, we reached the expected camp site.
Day 1 – afternoon
It was already 2 o clock in afternoon when we started to climb for central hill, with the GPS we found out the origin of the eastern stream, and started walking down stream.
Too much vertical falls and very big boulders was retarding plans for reaching picnic pool
The team got split with 9 members taking a exploration path and other 5 following the stream.
Exploration path slowly deviating from the main stream, after an hour we where nearly 80m away and nearly 200 m to 250 m above the stream.  Quick discussion were made and brave decision taken to go downhill along the rapid descend (having a gradient of 300% to 400%), clearing the bushes, thorns and with good team work we were able to reach the stream in 45 min.
(4 o clock in evening) just as we reached the stream, the other team reached the same spot following the stream from where we got split.
Fading light and charged up by reunion of two teams we tried cross as much distance as possible. Around 5 30 we found a hut in bank of the stream nearly 2 km before the planed camp site (picnic pool)
Day 1 -night
Nothing was as planed…… even cooking of food was difficult!!!!!!!!! We could not manage to keep fire burning as the wood available wet. We managed to make noodles for dinner. 
Day 2 morning
We started from the camp around 7 in morning and walked along the eastern stream.
Terrain was superb with boulders and rock all throughout. After 1 km we reached a small falls and we had to pass on our bags and swim across the pool. We got held up as one of the team member shoe fell into the pool. We reached picnic pool around 10 in morning. With some tea every one where refreshed and relaxed……………….we started off scaling some small cliffs and some descend to reach the stream.
One hour later we were up against another falls. This time we had to mountaineer through very challenging and most dangerous cliffs to cross this falls. Entire team’s mental strength and team work was put to test in this cliff.
We reached dead end pool around 3o clock in afternoon we had to stop for lunch. With no dry wood around we could manage to put up a fire from the paper garbage (even examination bits) and dry leaf, pop corn was made and served.
We had to ferry our bags to other end of the pool and with small injury to the team members it was getting obvious that we could not finish the trek in day light and may require few hours of night trek also.
Team members had to literally carry a team member who suffered injured leg to cover maximum distance in the remaining few hours of day light.
At 6 o clock in evening we were forced to use torch light and without day light even experienced team members were finding difficult to trace the path with few hit and trials we managed to come back to TP KOTA dam at 9 o clock at night.
A Wonderful experience to trek with u guys… especially to organizer host team Hari,Kaviraj,Keerthi,Jayanthan,Bala (great job guys)……

By Selvaraj ,
It was wonderful experience. It was good compact team. I really enjoyed company of very energetic guys having lots of fun. Its not easy to organize this kind of trek, but Bala/Jeyanthan did good job in completing this trek (Not to forget literally carry meenu who suffered injured leg). Night trek made it more interesting. Hope it must have been very thrilling experience for new guys. 
The two unexpected Falls n pool-


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