Ladies trek – Nagala Eastern Entry, Nov 20

The quenching of the wander thirst!
The calming down of senses, the lifting of spirit..
The bliss of re-living the child that I’ve always been..
That feel of being at peace with with the existence.

Once again bidding adieu with a promise to return.
Nagala.. I will back again, to be lost in the love you shower

Hello CTCians,

The bunch of pretty souls is back from spending a day out with beloved Nagala.
It was an excellent team and an eventful trek, blessed with undying spirit and comradeship.

to each of the enthusiastic participant who with their support, striving, smiles
and especially the sparkle in their eyes made the day bright and pleasant.
to Nithya Karthick Diwakar Thilak Gowri

Here we have Gayathri, a first timer, sharing her experience.. Over to her.

I want to give a large write-up about this Ladies Trek which is my first experience with CTC. 
Nov 4th 2011, I was flabbergasted by seeing the mail from CTC about ONE DAY LADIES TREK. I filled in the details and reverted at the drop of a hat, expecting a reply. 

Nov 8th 2011, mail box popped up with new mail from Jisha Jayakumar. I rushed into it, oooh… it’s a reply stating 
“Hello CTCians,
The registration for ladies trek is closed.
Thank you for the overwhelming response.
The confirmed and wait-listed participants will be contacted in a separate mail chain”

it’s again like waiting for a raindrop in the drought. 

Nov 9th 2011, finally arrived List of Participants details which added fuel to the flames. My name is in Waiting List, when I started praying Oh My God!!!! please let them select me too to join this trek. 

What a Surprise!!! God Heard my Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emperor called on one fine day(12th Nov) saying “Actually there are some drop outs in Selected Participants List, are you interested in Joining US”. It was the moment where I was on Cloud Nine  (though it took solid 3 hours to confirm her). 

Started for my Trek Preparations. Shocked to see the Preparatory mail which confused me a lot. Where do I get this? Where do I get that?. No way Called the Emperor. I was excited and felt very comfortable, I am in a right place. Emperor Saved her girl….Huhhhhh!!!! had a deep breath….. 

Wow. Finally gonna rest in Nature’s Lap on 20th Nov 2011, had time on my hands!!!! 

I had 3 hours sleep before the night of the trek. Most awaited moment from the past 2 weeks. Started at 3.30 a.m from my home. OMG!!!! I will miss the boat if it gets late (CTC never waits for Late comers) reminded me this. At last I paddled my own canoe to reach the pick-up point. Thank God no one sued me for being late. 

A team of Emperor, 4 Brave Soldiers, 4 Leaders, and 20 people Started moving from City to View, Enjoy, Rest, Admire the Nature’s Gift NAGALA. 


We CTCians traveled highways and byways to reach the starting point. We relaxed for few mins and had breakfast which was organized and brought by Volunteers. After initial small introduction ,we signed the forms and shared the foods, chocolates etc., which in turn made me feel, ya we are going to start. Being among the unknown crowd I tended myself to reach for the moon. I got a bee in my bonnet about discovering this adventurous NAGALA for the 1st time.Starting Point

GAME ON when the Emperor said “Hurry Up Guys, Its time to start”. Right from the word go, we walked and walked and walked no sights of water pools. I was like asking the experienced “when will we reach the pool?”. I guess we crossed more than 3 km I was exhausted, but little streams of water which we crossed boosted up. Being an extrovert I enjoyed the presence of CTCians around me. Highly motivated by the streams of water,I reached the first moving team and found the FIRST POOL, which stirred my adventurous life. 


Where some rested in rocks, I enjoyed a dip in the stream and found a new energy. With a team of Swimmers around me & with the help of Swimming Tube I enjoyed a lot in the pool. Few non-swimmers like me adventured Dives from the Rock which is about 3-4 feet height from the water level…. From then on nothing stopped me……

While Mr. Gowri & Mr. Karthik helped/saved us during Fun, Mr. Diwaker was busy in clicking the best moments.(He Clicked it to see & wonder how adventurous we are) and another Energetic guy Mr. Thilak added fuel by announcing a cute little competition among us based on number of Dives. Will I Leave It? Never.. Adventurous me dived for 6 times & received a big applause from CTCians. We spent around 2 hours in water. While some experienced said “Dont Over swim which may make you feel tired”, nothing I couldn’t able to resist. Only I can hear/ see is Water…. Did Dives, Floated in Water, Enjoyed the moment. 

Emperor said Ouch!!! it was 12.15p.m we have to start from here, only then we can discover one more pool and return on time. I was like a kid asking “One more Dive… Please.. Please this will be the last”. Whether a mom says no to her Kid? She said Yes. But this is the final. Hurray!!! Did another dive…. Much Excited and energized, started walking towards the second pool. 


we found it quite difficult to climb little steep to the second Pool. May be tired / hungry made me slow. Being understood this, the Soldiers found a mind-boggling atmosphere for lunch. We relaxed, admired during lunch. Some rested there, while some extremely excited and nerve-wracking people like me started to discover the second pool. Comparatively walking towards this pool is quite harder than the first, though it was quite interesting to walk in rocks, streams etc., What a Surprise? within a Maximum of ½ an hour we discovered the cascading, pounding, poetic 2nd Pool.

I thought it would be quiet calm, but this is too deep too… We once again enjoyed as a group in pool. Group!! remembers me to share something. I had a special team  Subha, Janani, Sugeetha & Kavitha, best buddies while in water. We helped each other and had much fun. Some even more admired, walked towards the stream to enjoy the real feel. It was a great place for sightseeing. We felt happy with whatever we had, we seen. 


We had a wonderful time there but the party’s over, we must get back. Walking back was not difficult as we started on time. On the way back to home the unknown crowd now become a familiar one. I had best buddy of myself Ms. Dhevi Sivaraman Who  made the trek livelier with her spontaneous speech(which resembled the continuous flow of water in the stream) where we shared eatables and both took group snaps. Even I admired more the two brave soldiers Mr. Gowri & Mr. Thilak who helped all the way long. As most of us are tired by enjoying the nature the spirit of Emperor & Soldiers made us to reach safe, back to the starting point. The team divided as three groups based on the energy level, to reach before it gets dark. Energetic groups waited for the rest to come. The Soldiers (Gowri & Karthik)of Last group lifted a Co-Trekker from the 1st pool, as she was over exhausted . Hats off to them. We waved our hands saying bye to NAGALA and started back for snack. Ouch!!! we found we left a backpack near 1st pool as a bolt from the blue. But brave soldiers (Diwakar & Karthik)made us to start and went back till 1st pool and fetched the same. We bid farewell with everyone and warm hugs to best buddies and I returned back with new friends Dhevi, Janani & Gowri:)


Though I admired the nature, I really admired the spirit of the CTCians. I admired the planning & co-ordination of the Emperor (Jisha), Brave and helping (Soldiers)  Gowri, Thilak, Karthik & Diwakar, calm & caring co-ordinators Dhevi, Sugeetha, Priyanthi and we the people Co-Trekkers. In this trek the Soldiers are the apple of my eye. I am sure CTC is on the level and anyone who wants to feast your eyes reach them!!!! Treat yourself with CTC!!! 

————————————————————————————————————————Thank you Gayathri for the write up complete with snaps.
Photo courtesy: Gowrishankar.


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