Emperor's Moderate+ Trek to Venkatagiri, 19-20 November-11

From Chella Babu:

It all started with my first trek with CTC to Nagala West during first week of Aug’11 which was an easy trek.  The courtesy and kindness of CTCians persuaded me to join further treks but the age factor and my life style blocked my confidence to participate in moderate/plus treks.  Finally passion won and I was the first one to register for the Venkatagiri trek within minutes it was posted. Fortunately I was familiar with both the organizers Arun & Prem as they were also first time CTC trekkers with me @ nagala west.


Soon the much awaited Friday came and flied goodnight kisses to my family who were against my trek for leaving them alone and reached Koyembedu @ 12.30am.  After quick intro with unkowns got into Balaji’s Mahindra Thar  and headed towards Venkatagiri @1.30 AM. The heavy traffic took toll in the reaching destination @ 8.30 AM after having a brief Breakfast in between.

The Sun started showing its power when we started brisk walking towards the base of the peak. It was very difficult for me walk quickly in the river sand. Soon the gap between me and the others widened as I could not cope up with the speed of young gen.. still the push from the sweeper Prem increased my pace to catch up with them shortly. Around 9.45 am we started ascending but, as time passes by within half an hour I started loosing my confidence as I felt very weak and tired.  The thought of quitting started pondering my mind as I was lagging others by a large margin.
Many Thanks for Prem as he motivated me, pushing and never left me till we reached the peak.  Suddenly around 11.30 AM I felt both legs nerves stiffed and I could not bend my kees and ankles.. I was much worried that I may become infamous for spoiling the whole trek. The pain was much that I could not make the next step.


Once again thanks to Prem carrying my backpack for the next half an hour and suggesting/compelling me to taste pickles.  Its amazing pickles has done the trick and I could regain some energy back to reach the lunch break point with many mini rests inbetween.

After good one hour rest and lunch @ 1.45 headed towards the peak with good spirit and enthusiasm.  Though the climb is too steep than the first half, thanks to the robbers who made the rough steps for easy maneuvering.  I was wondering how the robbers made this fort at this very height.  I couldn’t believe within another one and half hour @3.45PM I am on top of the peak that too surprisingly ahead of 15 other trekkers…


Completely exhausted took an hour rest under the courtesy of a pine tree and woke up to see every one engaged in some activity like collecting woods for fire and tent making and water refilling etc.. Its time for me to contribute so went in search of firewoods and then designated self as kitchen help to prepare Soupy Noodles and Tomato biriyani…Wow I would vouch that the delicacy of 5star dishes will not stand before the aromatic tomato ghee rice garnished with cashews, kismis and mint leaves…

I was really enjoying to see the folks tasting the lip smacking dinner and trying to compete for the second round… Then came the interesting part camp fire with group effort of huge collection a really big camp fire  has been made and party begin


with some dancing, singing?? and some experimenting their cameras by capturing fire writings using bulb mode. Then Rakki’s flute music suited the mood.

 The dinner and tiredness took a toll on me, to finally hit the ground under the cover tarpaulin. The breeze was cool and with no signs of rain had a nice smiley sleep.


Morning woke up refreshed at 6.00 am to see the beautiful vibrant Sunrise from the top of the Venkatagiri Peak. Mesmerized by the scenic mountains, green slopes lost the next one hour amid the nature full of life.

Its time for me to prepare tea and made it with care to satisfy the craving souls. Took some photos with the help of the animated photographers and had the morning delicious maggi for breakfast.


It is time to pack up things and @10.00am started descending non stop but for a 45minutes intro session in the half way mark after that I was literally running down hill along with manasu, Bala, Arun, senthil, rakki and reached the car park @1.30PM
I am proud that I was among the first 7 to reach back.

Some of the guys got lost in the foot hill hence Balaji took his jeep for a off road experience in search of the lost guys and came back roaring with jeep full of people I guess 18 in all.  Since there was enough time to return Arun and prem planned to explore a waterfall which is 8kms one way by walk.. 18 of the team proceed for the waterfall while the 14 of us headed back to chennai.  We had a nice Lunch??@4.00PM at Venkatagiri and were back at koyembedu @ 7.00PM.


Guys I love to say that I was excited, thrilled, delighted to be the part of the team
And the team “EMPERORS” of CTC ROCKS

I could see more positives signs in this treks
1.  The Organising part from Arun and Prem who set an example by involving in all activities like cooking, caring, nursing and commanding etc,
2. Excellent team work, each and every one engaged themselves in one or other activity like cooking, firewood collection, tent building, water refilling. In other treks i have seen organizers pushing others for everything which is not the scene here.
3. Friendly atmosphere with lots of leg pullings, especially Senthils wits on Anitha.
4. Most Energized team which has made the peak @ 2.30PM which is record in CTC as far as I am informed.


I would like to thank the organizers Prem, Arun, Senthil and all other guys for making this wonderful trek successful and memorable one.
Luv to trek more with you guys…

Luv you all..



From Vikram Kumar:

one of the best experience in life which is never forgotten .these r the things which makes us diff from normal people around us , thanks to the emperor’s team  special thanks to prem and arun .in my first trek with emperor’s , arun was saying abt  sleeping above the clouds while he said it self i could imagine how it would be …. but once we reached the top after so much hard work … the fruit of the effort made it 1000 times better than wat i imagined …

as always arun’s cooking was outstanding  ,but arun  + senthil = (no words  i could pick up ) ..it was nice that every one volunteered and made this trek a best one

special thanks to photographers who got every one into  their pictures . and covered everything from the start to the very end

the camp fire stood out in the whole trek … not only because of the warmth it gave but also due to santosh who made it as the solo person of interest that night .have to thank rakesh (flute rakesh ) for his wonderful songs …

ext trek to the falls was  really a great one and thanks to balaji for the off road experience in his jeep . seeing lots of water after 2 whole days was a total refreshment ..

c u guys again  in upcoming treks ……. emperor’s will always be emperor’s

god speed
vikram kumar


From Hassan Ali

Hi guys,

This is my first trek. I thank muthu to pull me to CTC. It was very nice to meet all those killer guys.

My experiance in venkatagiri was very adventures. As this is my first trek and din have seen any hill from top, I litrelly scared and prayed god to forgive all my sins before I die while climbing down. It was deadly to climb down from that steep rocks.

Thanks to Senthil, he leaded me while climbing down.

Wonderful food and fun. I enjooooooyed a lot. While going I thought I should not come back here again but after the trekk I felt I would be missing it. I do surely go again if I get chance.

Thanks to Prem who is really a fun loving guy and let us on our own to decide what we have to do as volunteers.. A perfect leadership.

Thanks to arun who pumped lot of energy into us with jovial talks. He scared me at one point that he said he also scared to pass that rock.

Everybody was in enjoyable guys and everybody helped everybody while trekking and volunteering. I really inspired by that attitude.

Overall its my unforgettable trekk…….

Thanks u guys..



From B
ala Chandhar:

Dear Emperors,
A letter from a young Emperor :).
Like an Emperor we Never and Ever get satisfied with the places we explored and we would like to explore more and more places. This is what happening in all our treks. Come on guys…. Keep moving…. keep going…. we can do better than what we achieved now!!!!!!!!!! I hear this mind voice when I am with my emperors.
Trekking in CTC is not just about exploring places and climbing up peak only, it’s all about how happily, how energetically, how bravely and how fun fully WE as a unit did this.
I will have to tell one thing, from the beginning of our trek all my friends showed a constant improvement and all have their own contribution to make this trek a great success. All my friends did their role perfectly and so everything went fine.
Before we climb up the hill, I saw the peak from down and I thought how tall it is and how I am going to climb up, when our path is getting steeper we are also getting stronger. After I climbed up and I was on fort on top of the peak, the same mind thought now I am taller than the peak:).Thank you guys without you it’s not possible!!!!!!!!
I got Fresh air, (less) pure water, due, wind, campfire, tent, food (kootan chooru), photos, waterfalls, safari ride, mentally and physically strong, more adventurous and most importantly good friends. My friends circle is getting bigger and bigger!!!!! 🙂
Thanks to my dear friends’ arun & prem who took organizers role, you guys are keep improving and getting better and better. Good job buddies 🙂
Thanks to Each and Everyone for making this trek very special for me.
Hope this trek is special for all my emperors.
Joined hands are strong and Joined Emperors hands are stronger :).

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