Marathon Mission II, Oct 2nd

Under the cover of a star filled sky, 24 brave CTCians started off Saturday late night around 10:20pm at the Southeastern base of Nagalapuram on their attempt to scale the mountain range over its entire lenght from the Southern 880m peak till the majestic Tada falls at the Northern end (normally a 3-day trek) in a single non-stop effort – a fast-paced marathon over treacherous terrain through nocturnal darkness, scorching sun and limited water presence. Numerous climbs, descents across ridges and valleys over boulders, loose rocks and through grass and bushes.
On Monday morning 1am, 26 hours later and 47km further, after 10 drop outs, 14 remaining men of steel had gone through one of the most challenging experiences in their life, putting mind over body to overcome sprained ankles, tiredness, paining knees, dehydration, vomiting, dysentery, fainting and appeared exhausted but victorious at the Northern end of Nagalapuram.
Timeline, trail

Refer the numbers on the maps below

Saturday 5pm – start from TIDEL
1 – start of the trek at the Southeastern base of Nagala, 10:20pm, 24 trekkers

2 – after 3km flat walk to the base, start climbing up from 150 to 550m, first 2 victims drop out

3 – reach first water point at 600m near the big rock/tree, 4 more drop outs, 2 taking rest

4 – Southern peak at 880m, highest point in Nagala, 18 trekkers
3 – return to water point, 30min power-nap due to lack of sleep before trek
5 – 2 more drop out through Western entry, 16 trekkers left
6 – follow local trail along the ridge above Western entry, 1 more drops out, 15 trekkers left
7 – reach end of the Western ridge, climb down from 650 to 400m towards the stream above picnic pool
8 – top of the 50m falls above picnic pool, 2nd water point
8b – climb back up to 600m peak, 1 more drop out through 2nd Western entry valley, 14 trekkers left
9 – climb down along to dry stream above magic pool at 350m, refill water at small trickling point
10 – steep climb from 350m till 650m saddle, cross the jeep trail (refer historical Nagala email)
10b – 1 trekker down (loose motions, vomits, faints), 1 trekker severe knee pain, group takes 30min power-nap
11 – cross saddle (source of infinite pools stream), boundary between Nagala and Tada, 
discovery of an old jeep trail on top of the Tada plateau
12 – gradual descent along grassy ridges to, climb down into stream above Tada falls (4th water point)
13 – reach top of Tada waterfalls at 450m, dip in a large, beautiful pool
14 – steep climb down along dry side-stream from 450 to 150m
15 – reach the main Tada stream at the base of the falls, proceed along trail to the parking spot (5th water point)
16 – walk along sand road to the entrance check post, Monday 1am, 46km, 26.5 hours elapsed

Altitude profile

Few photos

Stay tuned for a detailed report on this larger-then-life experience coming soon…

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