CTC article in Dinimalai

Recently an article about our group appeared in the Tamil Magazine Dinimalai
Not sure who wrote the article or provided the interview
Finally was able to get a translation below.
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Chennai is changing into forest of buildings and industries. Chennai Trekking club was created in the year 2006 For people whe were fuming that they are living in between Crowded population, Political Parties meetings, Air pollution caused by vehicles and Noice pollution. The motto of CTC is to take the members to mountains, Places of natural beauty and give refreshment to their souls and body. While trekking members can inheal pure air. Physologically these beautiful places gives refreshments to souls. Organisers states “Living with nature, away from city life gives new encouragment for life”.
Tekking spots were well planned, dangers and risks were informed the the members, and only after their acceptance they are taken for treks. While trekking, weather conditions, Wild animal’s presence, life style of people living in those places are taken into account. Treks were planned based on inputs from Google Maps, then communicated to all members and advance payment is collected from interested members. Seperate Womens trek, Mens trek and general treks were organised. Preparation will be given to trekkers for a week before every trek. Non swimmers, Dark shirts, Drinking & Smoking are banned for treks. Club prepares the members to carry phones with GPS, Bread, Jam, Preserved foods, Comfortable dressess, Trekking shoes, Mats, Tents & Back bags. It will be vehicle travel till the entrance of forest and then its all by walk.
Always stay together, be visible are general rules of trekking. Person leading the trek will be an experienced trekker, He will go and tie the ropes in the rocks or trees and others will use the ropes and climbs. They do not want to affect the habitate of wild animals, hence they will not make noice while trekking. Photography teams in the group had documented the special beauty of the forests.Mr. Sreinivasan – Manager in a Private firm stats “I had lot of changes after trekking. I am more disciplined now, I dont throw the garbages all around. CTC had organised 254 treks to various spots like, water falls, forests, hills, georges.Though Refreshing and loving nature are main focus in trekking, there are many other aspects as well. The biggest highlight of CTC Trekking is the group that trekked will be friends for life.
Camp fire was mostly liked by many members. People cant forget the experience of group camp fire warming in cold forest. Doctors found, Trekking increases human affection, respect and concern. The surprising part is, this club which was initially formed for Trekking has also invoiced in social service. This club which has over 12,000 volunteers has cleaned the entire chennai beaches and tada falls in a single day. While trekking volunteers had helped the tribal people, and arranged educational facilities. For people who wish to live close with nature and for those love nature, CTC is a hugh gift. For people who wish to join the club and do treks, call 9600004509 or check out www.chennaitrekking.org

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