Social Trek 30 – NALLMANAM

Another successful social trek by CTCians..!
This time, kids from NALLMANAM had a fun filled day despite the heat. CTCians and the kids braved the heat
right from the start of the day. On reaching the base,breakfast was served thanks to Saravanan who had arranged for
tasty idlies, Chuttney and delicious sambar..!Thanks to aravind, the idlies went down well with tasty vada.!
The trek all the way up was the usual drill. finding trails, chit chats and new people equals new friends..!
As always, the water streams and pools were a delight to everyones eyes after walking in the heat. a dip in the cool water
felt so well deserved after the trek up hill..!
Thanks to Sudhirji, (our time management patrolman..!) everyone made proper stops when required and moved to the next pool when it was time.
The kids had absolute fun in the water riding on the water tubes. A lot of interaction and photo sessions were on when it was soon time for lunch.
Getting in the water always makes one very hungry..! And no wonder most people gobbled down two packs of lemon rice with more vada and crispy potato chips..!
It was then time to get moving down to the base. it was even more fun getting down because quite a few decided to sneak dips in the pool on the way down
while Sudhirji became our patrolman again..! It was soon out of the trees and back into reality into the heat as we came close to the base camp.
Thanks to Our very own Kuttyji who went way ahead in involving himself in the organizing of this trek.
*Courtesy Ajay Kandapa(The Cycle Man)
Thanks to Saravanan Sir for arranging a wonderful Break Fast and Lunch.
Thanks to Radha Chandrasekaran for Sponsoring Fruits to Kids.
Thanks to Sasirekha for Sponsoring Snacks to the kids.
Thanks to Aravind for Sponsoring Biscuits for kids.
Thanks to all the volunteers for making the day wonderful to all the kids.

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