Venkatagiri, Feb 2011

Strolling, Sauntering, Meandering, Hiking, Wandering, Walking, Journeys, Trekking, running, Tramping, what not we didn do in venkatagiri EX2 CTCtrek?
“To follow a trail is to establish a link with the history of man. It is at once the most primitive and the most civilized of activities. A trail may well have been followed first by animals seeking food and water; tribes following the game wore it a little wider. Explorers followed the same paths, to be followed in turn by soldiers and settlers and men who poured concrete over footpaths. The concrete now goes just about every place we need to go. But we now have the leisure to travel just for the sake of traveling, and there is no better way to do it than by trail.”
Unknown group of 46 people joined together to go on a wild trip. Organized by ctc core trekking souls, it started off as irregular heart beat. We started 3hrs behind schedule without any sleep that night. Kudos to Guru on arranging backup bus so quickly. Volunteering and responsibility is not easy. We tried to sleep, but the bus driver had decided to drive only on potholes. Bangalore people got in near renigunda. We got our ration of food for the next two days, which didn look appealing. Knock knock, what’s there?
Venkatagiri hill!
We got down in kodur village, and we straight away (got the point?) started towards the mountain. Marching in a single file, in a hot sun, we came across a dam and the lake. I really appreciated that I took the trek during spring season. The leaves color was so colorful and soothing to the eyes. From then on we set a good pace inside enjoying the hardness and the beauty the mountain had to offer. About an hour and half we 1st came across streams with water. It was sweety, that’s an simple statement.
Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like falling leaves.
I love photography, I carried two of my camera and didn even bother to use them. I still have some interesting capture which I couldn resist. We were making good pace and broke for lunch when we reached our 1st pool. Guys you were amazing with the dives! Gosh I should have learned swimming. I skinny dipped and went off to sleep. I tried eating the chapatti. Operative word being tried! I used my 5star to power myself.
If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk. We slipped, had mud on our moustache, out of breath and reached a ferry point. Here again the swimmer did their work efficiently, but I who like rock climbing tried to circumvent it along with Charlie and successfully did that. As everyone was exhausted, we all went for massage bath in the mini waterfalls. What soothing effect they have on your body. After a half an hour break we tried to hurry to go to base camp, but alas the lead team went ahead and never knew nobody was following. Then lo guru turned up and said guys you have hot water warm bed ready at a camp site a km back. I had lost my my torch to the mountain stream. I just found how difficult it was to walk blind. Team work as peter insist came to fore. People lit their way and my way.
At about 730 I reached the camp, I rested my cold, frost leg near the camp fire. Ela and sundar were great; they had everything that I never thought to bring; Pain reliever, mosquito repeller etc etc. I had trekked with my close friends; they know me well and adjust to what I do. But to get good friends in just two days I must say I am real lucky person.
After a day’s walk everything has twice its usual value, especially the food. I had to eat something that had been newly named soupie noodles or vice versa. But it was edible to eat! Sleep: I took up residence in a nice low slant rock, I laid down to look at the stars, full moon, trees and when the camp fire went down I saw so many fireflies around me. I woke up exactly when guru was pumping ten mins to move out guys!
We left our bags, and moved fast towards the waterfall and pool. We had to cross two ferry points, in one I circumvented by holding the rock edges and floating around it. But the last one caught me off guard; oh my god had to swim!! I did it and was the first out of pool and to see the waterfalls 1st. Half the team went on to scale the peak. I didn as I believed we didn have enough time and I had blisters in my leg. So had a nice dip in the pool, took some photo shots, which has come out decent enough the others which has been censored!
We started back with the news that lashmi (after venkat I marketing the incident well) fell down and has hurt himself. We were good enough to maintain the same pace till the evening. We broke for lunch after ferry point, where we passed bags standing on edge of rock. We took a different trail from the middle and had to walk on seeing star and singing loud and chatting about the incidents that happened in 36 odd hours this group had been.
If you want to know if your brain is flabby, feel your legs that was my first thought when i saw the village lights. I was happy I made it easily these two days. I happened to realize the magnitude when samim was comparing two of us guys trek preparation. On the one hand they guy had hit gym and was running a mile a day, I enjoyed a buffet at lemeridian, anjappar and accord metro that week.
We hit the dhaba near reniguda for the dinner. What a lovely shop, whatever you ordered it tasted the same, be it chicken curry, chicken Punjabi or chicken hydrabadi! We dropped our Bangalore friends and managed to reach Chennai by 3 AM.
Travelers, there is no path; paths are made by walking; in our case trekking.

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