Venkateswara Ultimate, Nov 20-22

30 members successfully completed mission VU/1 exploring a beautiful, new trail and stream spanning the entire width East to West of the Venkateswara National Reserved Forest. We entered the mountains Saturday early morning and returned Monday late night. We discovered amazing waterfalls, ancient jeep trails, old British rest houses, watch towers, mind boggling gorges and awing rock formations. We had one of the most amazing groups I have trekked with in recent times – great attitude and stamina. CTC keeps rocking !!!

I will let the participants speak for themselves –
[Durai Murugan]
Tired of the blazing sun, bored with the slush, wondering why I was not able to work really hard? Came that magnetic call by our Peter “God only knows how many will return alive in ….. Life for the participants will never be the same again after the return. CTC is not responsible for possible significant mental impact on the survivors. …May God have mercy on their souls…. “.

From the day I read this mail I was thinking and dreaming about this DOA and its hidden surprises / mysteries after registering myself for this DOA.
Joined the unknown like minded friends from various parts of the country and had a weekend filled with thrill, adventure and excitement. Crystallizing below some of the most enchanting moments of the DOA.

Night swim at Second day camp site

Never in my wildest imagination thought I would be swimming and jumping inside a deadly pool at mid night covered by scenic mountains, clear sky, chill weather, bright white moon and above all with enthusiastic die-hard nature admirers. The camp fire, soup, tea and pop corn after the swim was heavenly. Loved every bit of that night and will cherish it for a life time.

Gigantic water falls

Mammoth is not the word to describe those huge waterfalls dropping as if directly from the sky. The trek towards the waterfalls was indeed rewarded with the splendid beauty which nature had to offer to the sweating souls. Admired the breath taking gigantic waterfalls like how I admired when I was a kid first time looking at an elephant. Completely mind blowing views.


Crossing the wild streams

Passing through the wild streams all along the trek was very adventurous and our team effort of forming human chain helped us to march ahead, it was real fun and at the same thrilling. Every time when we crossed a wild stream it was exiting and heart throbbing.

Singing, dancing, playing and of course trekking, it was tremendous fun and great excitement which I will remember and cherish throughout my life.


With loads of love and regards,

Durai Murugan @ Minister

ooh hooooo, my turn 😛 its my first DOA and I was really thrilled about what the previous DOA trekkers told me. it was so much fun with a small no of 30 trekkers, i enjoyed the full 3 days… best moments of my life. Beautiful natural sceneries, chill weather, dazzling waterfalls.. wow man, it was awesome! 😀 Its a well planned and organised trek. Thanks to Peter and others for making this trek a Success 🙂
Ramzan(Tarzan) and Vadivel(the monkey brothers).. ha haa they are really cool.. superb volunteering and helping others to move forward. The only thing I missed is the forest animals.. damnn, we found only elephant shit all the way.. seems they are scared of us.. lol. Deepak Guptha.. pakka photograpy, Thanks to him for his marvelous clicks. I am happy that I found new new friends here.. all very interesting guys, exspecially Lingam, whom I got introduced in my previous trek and Vivek.. they two are the giants in this team 😮 All you guys gave me a wonderful time in my life.. CHEERS TO ALL 😀

and hei.. sorry I couldn’t share any pics here. i dropped the cam in water by mistake.. luckily the cam works but its not detecting the memory card. 🙁 will get it fixed and share the pics with you soon guys 😛

See U All in the next adventure of CTC
More experiences, photos, videos from our participants are shared on our forum.

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