Friday Adventures | Weekday Trek | Difficult

5 hardcore trekkers conqured the 800m peak yesterday.

We started at 3am in the morning reached the Nagala at 5:30 AM, we parked our bikes under the tree and started to walk by the dam. Dam was full of water due to JAL and we were forced to go around the dam to catch the initial trail.

We reached the first pool, we decided not to spend more time in pools as our target is to conquer the 800m peek in a day. We reached the second falls in next 5mins. The crystal clear water and the scenic waterfall made us spend more time in the pool. All the 5 jumped in to the pool and we were enjoying it, suddenly ram shouted that the he jumped in the pool with his Iphone in his pocket which also has GPS, we planned to use the GPS to climb/track back to/from the peek. However we had a topomap map with us.

We reached the 3rd pool @ 8am, we had our breakfast and climed up to the mini kutralam, reached the 4th pool @ 9:15, from here the difficult climb to the 600m peak started. To increase the trekking speed we decided to drop the backpacks in the 5th pool, took a small pack with 2 liters of water for all the five and some fruits and chocolates. we forgot to take the torch light and the topomap. It was a big mistake.

The climb to the 600m peak was bit difficult, its a steep climb, the group easily made it to the 600m peek( we are the hardcore trekkers)

We got an SMS on the way. Airtel signal was excellent at the peek. I updated my facebook status that we conquered the 600m peek. it was 10:45am. we were discussing whether to continue or not as we might end up in night trekking. Finally everyone agreed to complete the mission and we started towards the 800m peak at 11:00AM.

We went around a small mountain and found a easy trail and it was not difficult as we thought. we gradually climbed up, then suddenly started difficult climb. we somehow reached the peek @ 12:45PM, remember we just carried two 2 liters water for all 5 members, we drank all the 2 liters of water in the peek itself. we took some photos and finished out lunch at the peek itself.

From here the problem started. While returning from the peek we lost our trail, instead of taking left we went straight which took us to a dry waterfall. we climbed down the waterfall in no seconds. we ended in a stream. we were so happy to see the stream so soon. we started to follow the stream, followed it for more 4 hours, no signs of reaching the 5th pool.

it was 4pm and we thought that we are going on a wrong direction. we crossed 3 pools, we didn’t feel like swim and enjoy in the pool as we have lost the trail. we still has had strong signal in the mobile, So we decided to call up peter to check if we heading to correct trail. Peter confirmed the same. we continued our walk for another hour, we fit a big waterfall, it had a 100 feat drop and it was a dead end.

We climbed up to the right and it was very step and climbing down again is very difficult. Ram was heading fast and we lost him in the dense drop which is the actual way to reach the 5th pool. Other 4 took a wrong way and started to climb the hill instead of climbing down. it was very steep and we hoped it to be correct way. soon it was dark everywhere, we still tried our level best to get down to the stream. we were unsucessfull and we ended up in a dead end by that time it was fully dark and we were unable proceed further as we left torch in the backpack which was at the 5th pool.

We just had few drops of water. I searched my backpack and found 3 electrols and 4 pears. We decided to camp there tonight and search for way in the morning. So we saved the pears for the Dinner. I called Bala to check if he knows way to get down. I was very confused and I was unable tell him the exact location, We saw one pool from peek which was very similar to the first pool in the Nagala Estern entry. I said to bala that we have reached east end of nagala. I was totally wrong.

It was 8:00pm, Peter called me up and asked me about the situation. We were all good but we were unable to say exact location and by 11:00 Peter messaged me that Ram who went ahead of us has reached home and gave peter the exact location. Peter said that he will be coming there to rescue us.

No panic and four of us were very much confident. We slept for sometime in rocky slope. we had nothing to signal peter.
Sathish trying to make fire
We even tried to make some fire by stroking the rocks, suddenly we came up with an idea of using camera flash to signal peter.

At 4AM we saw a torch light coming towards us.Yes it was Peter!!! we shouted and gave him signal using camera flash light. He reached us @ 4:30 and we immediately started to climb down. we hit the 5th pool ‘s stream in an hour. We drank water nearly after 12 hours.

We all went to the 3rd pool, where Bala was waiting for us. we prepared and ate maggi.

We exited nagala at 10:00AM in the morning…

Thank you very much Peter for coming to rescue us..I know you didn’t sleep the whole night.

Thank you Ford Bala (now Zen bala) for all your help.

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