One DaY Trip to Pichavaram Mangrove Forest (Sunday 13th Jun 2010) – Bikers & Riders Special

Organizers: Biju & Paayal
Written By: Biju

83 Brave Beautiful Souls left Chennai this Sunday in 13 cars & 18 Bikes towards
The World’s 2nd Largest Mangrove Forest.


10 hrs fun filled drive on coastal roads and national highways,
2 hrs Wonderful Ride in 8 Tourist Motorboats
20 hrs amazing trip
Beautiful Mangrove & Bird Watching
Fun activities on the GO, Slow speed race competition for bikers, Fun games & Talent competitions @ beach.
What else U need for a Beautiful Weekend


About a stone’s throw away are the mangrove swamps of Pichavaram, great for boating, mangrove watching, bird watching, with a picturesque island thrown in. Another world Pichavaram is all green and blue and white as we set off in the boat. Ahead are the mangroves in shades of emerald, reflected in blue water against an even bluer sky.On the sand bar, thousands of gulls in a long stretch of white, glintsilver against the sun as they take off en masse…


We slow down as we enter a narrow creek, with aerial roots brushing us lightly as we drift by. A lone egret feeds in the shallows. It’s another world out here, where the tidal backwaters mix with fresh river water from the Vellar and the Coleroon to create a unique estuarine ecosystem and some of the most amazing and adaptable life forms.
Most amazing is the mangrove plant itself, growing in a few feet of shallow water,Yet able to withstand the constant ebb and flow of tidal water with the aid of its aerial roots that also enable it to absorb oxygen from the air.
One of the earliest eco-systems of the world, mangroves fascinate wherever they occur.


Our organizers worked day and nite to get this trip organized for last 4 days without sleep.I thank our Co Organizer Paayal for all her Ideas and support for executing the trip.My Special appreciations to our volunteers Kaushik, Sailesh, Suvam, Ajay & Deepak for the excellent work done in all coordination’s.3 Cheers to Nithyan for helping me in transport and to keep me awake throughout the nite. Thanks to Shibin for arranging and packing snacks throughout the nite.Big Thanks to our Pondicherry CTC Volunteers Vijayan & muneesh for arranging yummy breakfast and coordination’s on the go.Thanks to our accounts team Shibin & paayal for their excellent work and time.
CTC also Thanks the Tamilnadu Tourism corporation, tourism manager and guides for arranging special lunch and motorboats for all our members.
We all Thank our CTC Founder Peter for all his inputs and support.
We Thank all our energetic, brilliant Participants for the excellent weekend and the fUN you guys gave to all of us.We also congratulate all our competition winners who became the stars of this trip.
Written By: Sailesh
Pleasant drive through the scenic highway,Hungry breakfast near a century old bridge,lots of fun games and photographers coming out with the best shot,delicious lunch by Tamilnadu tourism,Firing chase on the way to chennai.
WOW! What a day it was.
pichavaram team pictures

I would like to give a summary of the trip and here it goes from the start of the day.
At early hours,felt like travelling in a train and after a few seconds realised that it was the earthquake that disturbed my sleep and my sweet dreams.
Early Morning, All were ready to rock the sunday as the earthquake did and we left chennai aroun d 5.40 am.

                                       On the way we saw a exhibit of powerful bikes from Suzuki,Kawasaki,Honda,Yamaha.Thought we can use it for our drive but due to some conditions apply we left the place with our own beast with some group photos and later it was a non-stop drive to pondy and what a drive by Ela that too with a great speed in Ranjith bike. Keep it up Ela. DSC02817

We reached pondy at 8.00 and refreshed ourselves by having breakfast which was much needed at that time and filled the tanks of the vehicles which was much needed for them also. We reached pichavaram after an hour drive from pondy and we were divided into groups to accommodate in all boats and left to the beach on the other side. The beach was the place where we spent most of our time playing fun games,taking photos and ofcourse! splashing water.Had a good time with Vasan,Sriram and kadir in the water.
All the winners of the fun games will be awarded when we meet again,but the most important thing is participation, not winning. so congratulations to all the participants and better luck next time. 100_9762
The photographers were doing their best to take the best shot and i think the award for the best photography goes to…… aha..i think only myself and shibin knows… dont worry shibin..nammakullaeyae irukkum.. and still we are expecting more photos from our gang.
We left the beach and headed towards the boat house and we had a welcome board designed by tamilnadu tourism  for CTC in front of the hotel where Delicious lunch was served.
After calculating the expense by the finance experts,we had the last fun game of the day, the slow race for bikers and that’s it, we left pichavaram and the final pit-stop was at pondy. 
Started from pondy around 8.00 pm racing through ECR and few bikers firing through GST road leaving behind the memories of the day in all hearts.
Many thanks to the organizers – Biju & Paayal for organizing such a wonderful trip and the volunteers for helping out the organizers.DSC_0219-7
Hope Biju will be converting his sleepless nights into sleepy day and nights till he organizes the next one.

One good news for all is that we will be meeting again and this time with a difference and more fun.
C U All soon.

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