Maps, navigation & GPS workshop, May 29

Table of Contents
Pre-trek – explore topology of new mountain ranges and identify candidate trails
Basics of topology
Google Maps – Terrain View (topology)
Google Maps – Satellite View & Google Earth (topology and vegetation density), 3D views
overlay maps – elevation contours, position
Wikimapia – identify additional landmarks
Survey of India topographic maps, scale 1:25K, 1:50K
identifying villages, trails, streams, lakes
AMS (Army Map Service) topographic maps, scale 1:250K (1954)
Russion topographic maps, scale 1:200K

GPS explained
Satellite lock, position, accuracy
Maps – road and topographic
Electronic compass
Logging tracks, waypoints
Elevation profile
Sun & moon
GPX – universional exchange format

Field navigation
Downloading Google Map waypoints and trails in GPS
Convert GM to KMZ –
Convert KMZ to GPX –
Stiching Google Maps and overlaying GPS grid
Example –

Post trek
Download GPS trails in Google Maps/Earth for post-trek review
Geotagging photographs

Original recordings (highest quality) are available over here. Total size is around 1GB –
These files can be played back with CamStudio
YouTube videos (lower quality) are available here –
Watch the 14 videos in 720HD on a good broadband connection.
Link to presentation

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