CTC Beach Busters/4, June 12

We hit all the right chords this time! !

Watching polluters like a hawk,
Blending in bits of small talk,
Strong voices of conviction
Leaders showing the way with action

Starting with a group of just around 10 members at 4pm, we involved over 50 volunteers from the beach-crowdin the garbage picking activity by the end of the session at 7.30pm! People from the locality, visitors from other cities and even other countries, joined in! We also distributed garbage bags to the vendors to encourage people to drop the trash in its rightful place!

It was small step for CTC,
A giant leap for the beach-lovers!

CTC established its presence at the beach with the fortress of a car (thanks Hari :D!) right in front of the Thiruvanmiyur police booth, giving the campaign visibility to hundreds of beach-goers – some of whom stopped by to appreciate the work, while others joined in with the effort!

We intend to keep this going folks – the consistent blows will definitely make a dent! As mentioned in our previous mails, these garbage busting sessions are less about clearing actual garbage, and more about increasing visibility and thus awareness among public. From this week’s initiative, we have decided to continue the effort for saturday evenings, to maximize visibility with the beach-goers. If corporates wish to join in at other timings, we can still support them(in addition to the evening sessions), but we encourage the activity during the peak beach-visiting time.

Next week’s target – Elliots beach 4pm to 7pm – Be sure to be there!

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