Social Visit 1 – 9 May- The Very First Social Visit on Third Year

Yet another mile stone in CTC’s history. A long time dream of CTC.
Yes! It’s Social Visit #1, the very first action of its kind in CTC. It was decided long before that CTC will start take another dimension. But again there was a delay in planning and execution. At last we gave a shape to it and executed it.
A cab started by 8.00 Am at Tidal picking up all the participants on the way. We reached home and give a warm welcome by the kids with nothing but a big smile on their faces. A Smile which expresses their love towards you, a smile which make you feels as if you had conquered the entire world.
All the volunteers were so much engaged with the kids. They talked played learned to play some games from the kids. A set of small kids were played draft were another set up a team to play cricket at the road side. Twister….Stone pick… many more. There came the Queen of Sheeba. What a wonderful Queen she was, making every dance to her words…. The game came to an end once she asked for ice cream. Shiva bought ice cream to the kids. Not only them each and every one in the group was engaged entertaining the kids. Guna and the other gentlemen (ops unable to recollect da name, sorry) conducted dart board competition.
A Musical concert – Vishnu & Krishna played guitar excellent, followed by Ramprasadh who sang alaipaude kanna. Simply superb.
Indira enacted as monkey, Tiger, Dear, Rat etc. What a wonderful performance. Kids were astonished. The kids were so happy to see CTC guys again. They remember the members who accompanied them on the December trek.
I was explaining about the organisation to Vijay. He assured that he will do something. I moved. He once again called me in 5 minutes time and handed me a crossed cheque of Rs. 10,000/-. We appreciate your generosity.
Kids entertained us with songs along with dance what a wonderful performance.
We sponsored breakfast and lunch for the kids.
We have to leave. “We will be missing you” this was the words said by all the kids not by the words but by their face reactions. We left assuring that we will be back.
When I looked at the faces of the volunteers, I was able to see a satisfaction on each face. A satisfaction as if they have achieved something great on their life time.
What a wonderful day it was, for kids as well as our CTC members.
I salute each and every participant. Great Job done!
Special Thanks:
· Guna : Coordinating and picking up the members and cricket kit
· Shiva : For sponsoring ice creams
· Susanne Münzberg : Twister Game & Biscuits
· Vishnu & Krishna : Music Entertainment
· Indira : Entertainment
· Sunitha : Bubbles & Provisions worth Rs. 2000/-
· Karmuhilan : Sweets
· Vijay : Cheque for Rs. 10,000/-

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