In Search of the Origins of Nagala – May 8-9

58 brave beautiful souls left chennai in 9 cars and 6 bikes last weekend in search of the origins of nagala (AP)
including 7 members from uFX TV Crew.

Bangalore/Hyderabad members joined at utthukotai and nagalapuram.


The most beautiful things in life are not what we have or what we see…it’s what we remember and what we experience

The Trek started in war with honey bees.
The localities who reached the nagala base pool had disturbed the lifestyle of honey bees which in-turn targeted every one around the first pool.

The localities had left the place running out of angry bees however our CTC battalion faced them without any weapons
It was looking like a war field with 58:2008 (CTC to bees ratio) ratio. finally we were the winners with few minor injuries,
where the bees gang had to surrender.

Very good start welcomed by bees

A trek which started with 40 Feet steep climb and many sliding pools on the way with loads of fun diving,
sliding and more video coverages by the uFX TV Crew had boosted our spirit to know whats more coming on the way
before reaching the peak.

I can feel the heartbeat of every soul enjoying the pools to the maximum and their eyes looking out for more challenges.

Meanwhile Organizers had given a short interview to the uFX TV crew about the trek experiences and challenges.
TV crew were doing a tremendous job by capturing all the beautiful fun filled moments throughout the trek.
Our special thanks to the TV crew (Leonard and team) for their extraordinary work by providing their complete support along with our trekkers.

650meter peak.jpg

Few Trekkers went to check the 840m peak on the same day, where others found their camping site.
we got a chance to meet few localites staying in the hill in a small hut near our camp site.They also helped us to know the location better and to get some hot rice where few got the chance to taste the same after a long trek throughout the day.

The stars came out to look for the new visitors in nagala hill and the preperations where ON for preparing tasty soup and yummy noodles.
Teams were divided to setup the cooking place, to get the wooden logs, to get the water and to initiate the camp fire.
We had also prepared sandwich where few got the chance to taste it.

After yummy hot tasty dinner, many had decided to sleep early due to sleepless friday nite and few had already
skipped their dinner and left to sleep.

Sunday Sun rise along with our tasty tea/coffe. Checked the physical status of the team members weather to proceed as per
the plan or to change the trail inorder to reduce the pressure over them. Since 2 had leg injuries, made us to change the trail for their convenience.
The actual plan was to reach the eastern entry through DEAD END POOL however the plan was dropped keeping the injured people in mind.

So took an other trial which would help us reach directly near the temple in eastern entry. The sadest part was that we dint find water as expected
which made everyone to walk through the trail with limited water in the morning hours and with no water during the afternoon hours till 8:00 in the evening.
We had to cross another peak without water to reach the temple. On the other end the TV crew were still capturing the unforgetable moments of the
trek and trail when they were also facing the same issue. I need to appreciate for their dedication towards their work in all circumstances.

Finally the organizers and few volunteers helped to get everyone to cross the 2nd peak during the evening.

We organisers were thinking that we are gonna complete the waterless mission soon but another surprise was waiting for us in the 2nd peak.
We found that few had taken another trail without our knowledge which had delayed our move from their. Its gonna dark soon, so I and peter
came to a conclusion to regroup at another point after getting the people who went through the unknown trail. Peter took the team towards the temple,
but jothivel was found sleeping and was not ready to start along with the group, as he was delayed to start, we made him to go along with 2 sweepers and i went
in search for the missing guys again and found 1 person when i reached back near to the core team. how ever we need to find another 9 members
who took a different trial to reach the eastern entry. Few voluteers along with our organiser went in search for water to get the team back to normal
and to get them reach the water point near the temple at the eastern entry of nagala.

kudos to Peter, Alex, Sherif and other volunteers for the same.

Team regrouped near the temple after enjoying the stream water more than an hour after 8 hours of waterless trail.
I can see their happiness on their faces after spending good hours at the stream however we organisers along with few volunteers where busy analysing
the missed out members. After getting the final attendance, we had reached to a conclusion that all others are safe back to village and3 found missing.
we found that they were jothivel along with our sweeper aswin and anand and i was pretty sure that they may had stopped to proceed further due to lack of
energy after long waterless trail and was expecting from our sweepers that they should be near the hill opposite to the dam so that we can find them when
we reach near the same. The same happened and we were already ready with the water,snacks and medicine to get them back from the top of the hill.
peter took the rescue mission to get the 3 back and at the other end our CTC rescue team has been informed for additional help as per the call given by our
sweepers before they found us.
Peter reached them in less than 1 Hour and served them the water and snacks. meanwhile our rescue team had reached all the way from chennai
to our camp base in less than 2 hours. Our rescue team(Ansar, Guru, Sujai) immediately started the rescue mission to get them back to the base.
All our members have been brought safe back to the camp base. The rescue mission was completed in less than 3 hours.

All other members were eagerly waiting for our 3 dear trekkers. Finally the team started to move back to chennai around 6:00 on monday morning after
everything got settled.

I Respect and thank each and every one for their dedication, involvement, support, coordination and the fun you guys gave to all of us.

Hope this trek had helped us to see both extream faces of nagala and our members to know their maximum capability.

And also hope that the trek had increased ur confidence and mental strength to survive in a desperate situation..
Thanks to Peter for organizing this trek along with me.

Thanks to all BraVe BeAutifuL SouLs Who Made My WeekenD THE BEST EveR!!

Inviting you to check/share photos, experiences, feedback…. with our group at our forum –

Meet u all very soon…

Stay in Touch for more fun filled treks with CTC..

Love nature and U start loving every thing!

Trek Trek and Trek always

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