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0 thoughts on “Ombattu Gudde 2 (OG2)”

  1. “”Looking at the faded old CTC T-shirt, proudly resting on top of OG. A great moment for the entire team, those present and those absent as well! We left Pramod’s tattered old denim, as the OG-2 mark.. maybe the OG-3 team can put the OG-1 T-shirt and OG-2 pant on a scarecrow :).””

    Dear Chennai trekking club members

    All the sincere trekkers respect nature and try to keep it clean and avoid littering anything. They take the sweet memories of the trek with them in the form of photos etc. But we were amazed by the fact that Chennai trekking club(CTC) members are keeping old cloths as mark of the trek on the peak and encouraging OG-3 and others to some more. By all respect I would suggest CTC organizers to refrain from such activities in future in the interest of nature and the beauty of the peak. This type of attitude and trend which is being set is not a healthy sign at all. Imagine what will happen if all the trekkers start keeping their cloth or something else on the peak they visit. e.g. KP (Kumaraparvatha) receives hundreds of trekkers every week. In fact there is a campaign in media to prevent our national heritage from this kind of attitude.

    We have visited OG from all possible directions. During our last visit, we spotted those cloths left by CTC during OG-2 on the peak. Now those no longer exist there. I humbly request CTC to discontinue this kind of trend.

    Sincerely Yours

  2. Ombattu Gudde- The Horror

    This is apt title i can give to this place. Its huge forest plain and hill forest both challenging and dangerous. This is most dense forest i have ever seen . The trip starts from Gundya check post and it goes through thick forest for upto 10 KMs then then is an water stream(pamba river was what i heard from localities). from there you do the real uphill treeking..Phew!!! wata a trekking was it. It was start of the Death END You wont see sun , feel the movement of air..that what damn risky pasrt amidst many wild animals. the most terrifying part was wild elephants which could attack you if by chance they come to your sight . you need to be in group and extreme extreme cautious about that. you lose the track some where or if group splits , then its your end. God , we survived all those unknowing of those dangers and trailed down to 20-25 KMS to the downhill without any proper information about plcae excpet for a route officer(a local villager) we would have lost. The most dangerous part what we heard was naxalaties- Surprise!!. Guys be very careful about this . you need to take proper permission(thats what we heard from local officers) with forest officer before going very deep in to forest , otherwise you are in trouble. If you go trekking to this place without any sold information about this place then i assure the experience would be horriffic , Awful or whatever extreme reactions you can fit in. Last i would say that its a very challenging task for a man!! you can reach me at generic viagra UK cheap

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