Tada October 2007

On a rainy Saturday morning 20 October 2007 a group of 23 highly trained operatives assembled at 6 locations in Chennai city. 4 special mission vehicles picked up the 6 platoons according to a carefully planned route & schedule. Everyone had a short breifing at Koyambedu.
Yes, the mission was all set to begin. And everyones hearts were racing.
At 7am, the team had reached the outskirts of the city heading North on NH5. Around 1 hour later they crossed the Tamil Nadu border with no hostile encounters so far. A little while later the team successfully reached sync-up point Tada and split up in two groups to assemble supplies for the challenging mission ahead.

Idly’s and Dosa’s were gobbled up stealthily in tiny eateries where no one can spot the team building up their energy levels.

As water supplies and lunch were ready and packed, the team started to proceed again towards the destination.

The team proceeded further West towards the Eastern Ghats, penetrating the local tribal areas. As the terrain got tougher, the 4 vehicles slowly rumbled over the rocky roads, entering the dense forest to reach base camp at 1000 Hours.
As the terrain was inaccesible to the mission vehicles the team decided to trek the rest of the route on foot.

So, from there on the team proceeded on foot carrying supplies while crossing crystal clear mountain streams, climbing over big rocks and squeezing through caves along the small path covered by the forest roof.

Excellent team work conquered the ever growing boulders as we narrowed into our mission objective.
The ultimate challenge was met towards the end where our platoons had to conquer a few 90
degree slopes.
The team jumped with joy into the crystal clear natural swimming pool in a deep valley that was filled with water pouring down from the hills.
To enable everyone enjoy the fun, some of them had to eventually strip off their clothes and used them to form a rope to swim across to the center of the pool.
At 1330 the team had successfully completed another mission reaching the end of the Tada valley!

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  1. gr8 post dudes. I envy you. 🙂 It will be helpful if you guys give the direction to reach the places like tada. (Or atleast i could not find them).

  2. How to reach TADA?
    TADA is exactly 67Kms from chennai towards north on NH5.
    We have plenty of busses to TADA from koyambedu which will take 2hrs30mins. and Local trains also available.
    from TADA if we take srikalahasti road after 12kms exactly from “Varadaiah Palem” you will find way to TADA falls towards left side of the road.
    here you can find the path in wikimapia.

    i recommend you to go by personal transport rather than depending on the public transport as we dont have transport from TADA to water falls.

    hope this information will help you.

    mean while i will find out the GPS map how we travelled to TADA falls from peter and surely we will upload if we get it.

    Thanks for visiting our site.
    Sreedhar M M

  3. Hi friend,
    We have planned to got to TADA falls.. Only to the falls… But still confused with the commute i should go with!! Can u help me?? Goin this sunday?? Can u pl mail me your mobile no?? So that i can call.. AM from Chennai…
    My mail id- prabhakaran.ug@gmail.com

  4. hello friends,
    we visited the tada falls on 17th august 2008, was really amazing. Its a really a great place for trekers.
    Love to visit that place once again.
    will update you with more photos.

    if i had seen you post..really i would have taken a long rope to help the non swimmers to reach the main falls.

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