Gingee Fort September 22, 2007

Mission details:
Codename: GIN-RAJ-CQ-9-22
Description: conquer the impregnable Gingee citadel.
Risk Level: 14 (High)
Clearance Level: G-12 classified (Eyes only)
Strength: 3 class-A platoons
Platoon-S: Peter, Tony, Alex, Ganesh, Gaurav
Platoon-E: Venkat, Ganesh, Lajee, Garv
Platoon-P: Rathna, Balsu, Sreedar, Krishna

Saturday 22 September 2007 – On a misty morning with the odds of risk against them, 3 groups of highly trained professionals assembled at Thoraipakkam base camp for a classified mission briefing. The mission initiated at 0600 hours GMT+5:30.
Rapid assault teams mounted their tactical G-mobiles and set course towards the mission objective. An initial perimeter scan showed no hostile presence and the covert operation unfolded.

The aim was to conquer the most impregnable fortress in India, located near Gingee, 160km Southwest of Chennai. Following an optimized path on NH45 plotted using real-time incoming data from GeoSAT Earth-scans monitoring ground activity, the team reached supply point Tindivanam-05 intact.

After loading supplies, the 3 platoons headed due West towards the main mission objective. At 1000 hours the team de-boarded their G-mobiles and took preparatory formation for the ascent of the Black Rock.

Using surgical maneuvers the team swiftly overcame several defenses set up around the citadel and conquered the summit at 1230 hours.
Mission Report:
Casualties – 0.
Mission performance – 100/100.
Terrain scans up-linked to base camp:

Picassa photos –

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